Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where in the world has Becky been?

Well let's see. She has been here and there and over here and up there........ even down there for a while. Really she has just been going CRAZY. I am so sure that all you have really missed me and my crazy life so bad that you could just hardly cope with life without me. Right?

I don't even know where to begin. Working away from home is for the birds let me tell ya. I hate it. I really want to be a housewife/homemaker again so bad I could just croak. BUT, I am very fortunate to have a good job in these troubling times. DH waits in limbo each day not knowing what kinda news he will hear about his job, so I guess I will suck it up and be happy to drag my butt out of the house every day to make a living!!! Thank you Lord!!

I just finished a really big sewing project. I made 19 dresses for a dance company in Tennessee. 10 hot pink flapper dresses that had almost 100 yards of chainette fringe on them. OMG soooo cute, I am sure they will be really cute when the girls shimmy!!! Also 9 shear 'rainbow stripe' dresses with a little top and panties underneath them.

The Nurse Practitioner that I work with has been sewing for dance company's for years and she has gotten sew busy (pun intended) that she subbed out some of the work to me. Great money too. I love getting paid really good for doing something that I really love doing. I will post pics soon. My daughter took pics of my grandaughter modeling one of the flappers with her camera and she has to send them to me.

Down on the farm: There is a new boy in town!!! As you know I have 2 registered Nubian does and I needed a buck to service them. A little late for breeding but working got in my way. I searched all around town...and every one elses town too to no avail for a boy. I finally found one in North Carolina. His name is Durango. He is a beaut. Quite a stud too. He is handsome and very viral. He has bred all my stock (including my fainter) and is down the road at a friends farm serviceing their doe. He gets around!!

I would have pics of him up but for some reason blogger won't let me post anything tonight. He is out of Connemara Farms stock, Carl Sandburgs wifes dairy goat stock. He is a celebrity of sorts. One and a half years old and already has babies on the ground and they all have spots just like him!!!!!! I will be in full nursery mode in July!! I can't wait maybe I will have enough milk to do all that want to with this year......butter and cheese and lots of ice cream!!

The shabby little shack has been moved to the land but that's it. We have to wait for weather to break now before we can get it set up and the septic in. I hate waiting for things like that.

I have really missed having the time to blog that did back in the summer but I plan to make the time now. I hope everyone is doing well and may God Bless you all.