Sunday, November 27, 2011

Snow Princess Dress

Well blogger will not let me upload pictures this morning but it better be a different story by this evening. My grandaughter Morgan has been elected, at her high school, to be the Snow Princess for the Christmas parade today!! She is wearing a long white one shoulder satin tailor made ball gown embellished with alcenon lace. Her delicate little shoulders will be draped with a white satin shawl also tailor made.

hahahaha....... sounds beautiful doesn't it? Well you see she is a itty bitty size 2 and it is November, therefor there are NO long white size 2 dresses in southwest Virginia! Of course I was chomping at the bit to make her gown but we gave it our best shot in 2 states, here and Ga., with no luck. We also only had one week to find this dress. So back to the drawing board. I mean what better way to try out a new sewing machine than to sew slippery satin and lace? It sewed beautifully!

So I will try to be back later this evening with the dress pics, parade pics and pics of her riding in a convertible doing her Miss America wave, wearing a Becky Moran original!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Not into playing games...

There will be no Billy, like I had said this morning. We found Billy and his friend Snowy on Craigslist and we went and looked at them yesterday and liked them. The girl was asking $175 for the pair. I never tried to haggle her on the price or anything. She wanted us to pick them up between 10 and 10:30 this morning. No problem. We went to bed early last night........riding horses is really tiring. Woke up this morning to find a text from her that we needed to come in the evening because the children that helped her bottle feed him needed to say their goodbyes. I texted her back asking what time to come. No reply ALL day!

Danny was getting rather antsy and wanted to go get them home into their new digs. So I texted her again at 3:12 pm and said we are on our way. She replied we aren't there but will be back at 5PM. I said OK we will be there at 5PM. Since we are an hour away and had to stop at the ATM to get cash, we left our house at 4PM. 16 minutes down the road I recieve a text from her that reads.......... something like this...... "My neighbor really wants Billy and offered me $220 for him but you and your husband are very nice people and I want to do whats right with you. Would you be willing to give me $200 for the pair?"

What? Seriously?

I said "No just sell him to the neighbor."

Someone has a lot to learn about the Golden Rule!

Back on a buck hunt again!

Billie and Billy

Here is an older picture of the horse that I rode yesterday, Billie.

(She is the mare shown here.)

Of course we got NO pictures of me on horseback.....urgh!

After our ride we had to go down the rode and try out a couple new goats that I found on none other than Craigslist. A 5 month old registered (very spotted) Nubian Buck, named Billy!
Billy comes with a yearling Alpine doe thrown in as a companion.
She is white and her name is Snowy.
Billy comes from the same stock and same farm as my first Nubian, Saphira. He is rather small right now at 5 months old but he really knows his way around a doe already!
We go to pick them up this morning and I can't wait to get some new babies on the ground!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Terri, I did it!

I rode a horse today! A real live Tennessee Walking Horse! The best part.....I didn't fall off and I didn't get scared! Of course I didn't ride very far, either! I had a good short ride and thought I should quit while I was ahead. Nothing like facing your fears head on. I haven't rode for about 25 years because of a very traumatic fall, so I was very proud of myself. Now I have the FEVER!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Once again..... I am with another question about blogger. How/why are all of the links coming up at the bottom of all of my posts? I have some posts that have a zillion links to them. Did you guys actually link to them or is blogger playing with my head?

I'm back!

I was having a senior moment when I decided that I needed a new blog and it didn't work out like I thought it would. So I am back and please don't ever let me get another wild hair up my butt and do something so foolish again! I am back if you will have me that is! Please and Thank You!