Friday, December 27, 2013

Thursday, September 5, 2013

New words for me....Organizing binders and zero balanced budget.....

Seems that I broke another promise to you guys and myself.
I promised I would be back with new and exciting tricks up my sleeve but life got in the way.
Too many things to even mention on here other than several days were consumed with family time as we had a death in the extended family. The sweet little four year old son of my son in laws sister passed away in North Carolina. Not sure if they will ever know what happened to him but we can rest assured of where he is today.
I also took on two new part time nursing jobs, one home health and one is as school nurse sub for our local school system. I spent a couple weeks orienting to both of these positions and now I am on a 13 day break! Am I accomplishing things around the house? Not really!
I am, however, working on an organizing binder to help me keep my head on straight.
 Between photography and two nursing positions I don't know whether I am coming or going! I know that's nothing new! I will try to share pictures of my binder as it comes together. Just having it started makes me feel more organized already! I never knew it was so much to slapping a notebook with a calendar together....GEEEEZZHHHH!!!!
I have been working on this one for over two weeks and it's no where near where I want it.
I have also, along with the binder, started putting together a budget. I do not plan to work these three jobs for long :-)
I have never ever ever ever made or stuck to a budget and never even knew where to begin with one. I have always been one to pay something as it comes due as the money comes in for it.....budgeting ahead was not in my vocabulary! This system only partially worked! Yes, on occasion there have been things pushing the deadline.....well on more than one occasion!
I have been doing my homework so to speak, consuming many many hours studying other peoples ideas that they have shared for making and sticking to a budget. WOW have I been enlightened! I feel sometimes as if there is no way that I can actually do this. Then I put it on paper and it looks as if I should be rich! I have always sung the words to that song there's too much month at the end of the money! On paper not the case tho! If I can keep my fingers out of that money until it goes on a bill or where ever it was allotted via the budget to go I will be fine.
I am trying to set up a zero balance budget. You know where every dollar that is going to come in has been earmarked for a certain mortgage, titheing, car, groceries......sounds easy but it's not easy to just sit down and remember everything that will come up in a years time to spend your money on. Dear Hubs is actually on a salary so his paycheck is the same each and every week, which is a huge plus when working on a budget. He also has an expense check that fluctuates each week. I have decided that it will be best for us to use his paycheck and for me to set an exact set number of $$$ to contribute each week and put anything extra that I make in savings or to pay off a debt. His expense check will be put in a savings acct to save up for him a new work truck, or down payment on one.
Thank goodness we only have one store card that will soon be paid off and we have no other debt beside a car and home mortgage. I had that pretty little Jaguar paid off and no payment for 6 1/2 years but felt like I needed something bigger and traded in December for a huge Chevy Traverse gas hog money sucking money pit! Yes, that has been a thorn in my side for all these months. Enuf said? I have to figure in car repairs in the budget now that was never an issue in the past.

So wish me luck as I get these new organizing tools underway and start to see a more organized life!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.....(a challenge)

    Here I am after all these months of no blogging realizing how much I have missed it. I have a void in my life and need some structure and this blog is discipline for me. So many things have been going on in my life that were certainly blog worthy but I still didn't take the time to slow down and post about them. I will regret that one day....I use this blog as my memory bank to look back and remember what year it was that there was a manhunt in our neighborhood, the season I made the best pickles or a special sewing project. My computer brain is failing me but my virtual "computer" brain is always here floating around somewhere in cyber land.

   I will start out today with an explanation of why today and then try to catch up with a regular routine of blog posts.......


It's Monday.....need I say more?
Actually I am in a rut with no motivation....well maybe a lot of motivation but no real gumption or energy??? Not sure what my hold back is....INSPIRATION! That's what I have been missing. I know I have the www.'s and Pinterest and all sorts of inspiration out there but if I try to use those my ADD kicks in and I sit down to look up a new quilt pattern and before you know it I am baking a new cake or learning how to clean the grill the non toxic way!

Today is Monday and it's a fresh start to my week and to my new life of living a cleaner life......and in cleaner, I mean:

A cleaner more organized house.
A closer walk with God and all things HOLY!
A cleaner diet and lifestyle.
A cleaner EVERYTHING, work, hobbies, etc etc etc.....streamlined if I may.
A cleaner life in general.

(and not necessarily in any particular order were they listed)

It all goes hand in hand....a closer/cleaner life in any of these aspects will compliment each category tremendously. I think about how cluttered my mind and body and house and schedule and life are and wonder how I have time for God. If it wasn't for all HE has done for me and my family and a very persistent preacher who holds me accountable.......well I might not even make it to church regularly!!

So I have some great big goals that will obviously have to be broken down in little bitty maybe on a daily basis ;-) I know me! I also have this STUPID Sarcoidosis and it wreaks havoc on my body when ever it wants to....(Maybe my cleaner lifestyle will help those bouts become more and more infrequent?) So be prepared for a lot of posts for my journaling of this new life one little piece at a time as I march thru it all one little piece at a time. Who knows maybe some of you will want to join along and share tips and ideas??? That would be great if not just remember me in your prayers as I start out on living the rest of my life.......

Now as I get started on this beautiful sunny morning I will start by becoming a "list maker"!
Once my list is made I will start on my journey but I will leave you with this......

2 Timothy 1:7

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline. be continued


Monday, May 13, 2013

"I was featured" and a winner! Beautiful Buffalo Mountain, Floyd County, Va.

I never thought I could ever type these three words:
"I was featured"
I entered one of my many photos that I have taken of the view across the road in front of my little farm, into a contest for the best photo of Buffalo Mountain.
My photo of the mountain was from clear across the county but includes so many elements that depicts Floyd County perfectly, at least that's what I was told.
I won first place!
I won the cover shot!
I also landed a bio spot in the Floyd County Publications Magazine.
(My bio is on page 40)
This Magazine went out to 25,000 people!
I also won $100!

A Handmade Prom Gown, My beautiful grandaughter and her cute date!

 Yes, folks, I am THAT old...old enough to have a granddaughter who attended her senior prom 2 weeks ago.
 Her and her Mom went dress shopping and she picked out a dress EXACTLY like this one for $478
That was NOT happening, so we went to our favorite fabric shop in town, Schoolhouse Fabrics in Floyd, Va, and picked out fabric and began the construction. She couldn't have been happier with her dress!!

 I was able to have a very nice little photo shoot with these sharp kids in my studio!!
 Then we went across the county and grabbed a few pics of her best friend who is dating his brother. See any resemblance?
 We decided that this looks like a movie cover of a couple pistol packing detectives!!
Knowing these two like I do, there could very well be a pistol strapped around that thigh!

 My little tough girl cleans up pretty good doesn't she?
 Her little sister, Lillie, had to get in the pics, too.

 Morgan and Robin, of course prom is more for the Moms and Grandmothers!

and here's "The Kiss"
What ya think?

Out and About in Asheville, North Carolina

  • On Wednesday, Robin and I went on a little road trip to Asheville, North Carolina to visit a friend of hers who just had a brand new baby girl.
As we were traveling thru the Tennessee Mountains we were just in awe of the beauty before us.
 Good thing I had my camera.
This was taken at a rest area, nice place to stop and take a deep breathe, huh?

 At one of the beautiful scenic overlooks.
 The one above was at a very steep overlook that I endured but I have to say I did NOT attempt the upper steps due to lung capacity and the high elevation...yes, I am a wimp!!

 It was a nasty dreary cloudy day but I sure love me some clouds and I don't mind capturing them thru a car windshield either.
 The mountains just rolled on and on!

 and on....

It was such a lovely trip....really good to get away from home for the day.....great to spend some quality time with the girls and take in some awesome scenery at the same time! I am ready for another day trip!!
Lot's been happening around the farm and I am ready to blog about it all again so grab a cup of coffee and stay tuned!
I have missed you guys!

This is my favorite of the day!