Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Homebody. Who me?

Who would have ever thought of me as a homebody? No one who knows me that is. I absolutley hate to leave the house now since I am not working. I never wanted to stay at home when I was working, I guess I did not want to get too used to it and have to leave for work. I dread each week the thoughts of errands or anything that may be on the aggenda that takes me away from home. This will probably get old but right now we are both loving it.hehehe

Another thing, each afternoon I feel that I haven't accomplished anything that day even if I have. Today however was a different story, I really got fired up and tore up jack around here and I did it all after noon. I can rest well tonight after a job well done!!!! such a good feeling............ tomorrow I have a big list too..mow the back 40, hang insulation in the new hair salon (another chapter of my life, story later), wash the car, and clean and scrub the porches and patios. Do you think I will get it done???? I don't.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Dreaming of fair weather!

Catching up!

It has been for ever since my last post but I guess you could see that. It is not that I have not been blogging, I do that daily but just reading everyone elses fun blogs. I found a great blog or should I say blogs today. Sage, a farmgirl friend from Mary Janes Farm (I will try to link to her if I haven't forgotten how) has the best blog. I feel that we should be sisters, I guess we are farmgirl sisters!! She gardens and cooks and hangs her laundry outside to dry and so on and so forth just like me. I just don't feel that my life is interesting enough to bore all of you.

I am not working outside the home anymore for a few weeks now and loving it. My dh is also happy now but not at first. I had a job offer today doing home health nursing and he said "You did tell them you did not need a job didn't you?" Well I called them back then and told them "No". I am too busy to work!!

My farm is hopping now. I am milking Saphira and that is a lot of fun when I can keep her from kicking over the milk pail!! About 1/2 gallon of GREAT milk a day! I also have a 2 week old baby calf, a Jersey bull calf that is on the bottle. It takes a good chunk of time with twice daily milking and bottle feeding and then I have the other 3 goats and 20 chickens, 2 cats and Frankie.

BTW Frankie is doing really well now. He occasionally gets wore out and will sort of stumble but will rest a little and be ready to go again full blast. Dr Mitzi said she was really proud of us helping him out and not giving up on him like so many folks usually did.

I have really been working a lot outside in my flowers too. The veggie garden is just getting started, just getting warm enough. Oh yeah and did I forget to tell you about the mowing!!!! We have so many little obstacles and hills and gulleys ands obstacles and buildings and more obstacles. Needless to say that is what consumes one day a week!! It should all be pasture for the animals. Oh yeah and I always keep trying to get my old wringer to work long enough to wash a full weeks wash to no avail as of yet. Maybe tomorrow weather permitting, we just replaced a belt this time, we will soon have a new machine if we keep it up. Of course I have the new set of W&D inside but they are no fun!!

I have done a little sewing a couple weeks ago. 2 pair of really cute wide leg capri/gauchos, a pair of wear around the house shorts and some milk straining cloths. I have many more projects that I wish to do someday, oneday, anyday,,,,please,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Still searching!

The manhunt is still on. No real news except that a truck (belonging to the neighbors whose land this guy was last seen on Sun, that is in front of ours) was stolen last night. It is a big flatbed old tree truck and the person couldn't have gotten too far especially with the price of gas.

I did finally get out today and it really felt good to go to town. I had to purchase a new printer so I could print off coupons in my money saving plan. I also went to Joann Fabrics and that is always fun. I felt so safe for some reason in town more so than the country for once. Go Figure!

I have been printing off lots of coupons tonight and comparing the sales at stores for another day out to run errands and get groceries. I'll let you know how much I actually save!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I am so sorry for the lapse in time since my last blog. I have no real excuse of course I am sure I could come up with something if I tried hard enough. It wouldn't have anything to do with not enough time due to my work schedule because I quit my job over 1 week ago. I am now a SAHM. I love those initials. Are you still called a SAHM when in fact all your children are grown and moved away from the nest? Maybe not but I still like the title!

Well by now you are wondering where I got the idea for the title "Manhunt" right. Well for the past several days there has been a manhunt going on in the county. On Sun the fugitive was seen in front of my house in the field while fleeing from the police and they lost him and he has not been seen since. I have been a hermit since Sun and cannot poke my head out of the house. There have been choppers and cops and blood hounds you name it around my house and 5 miles away at my daughters house too. No we do not know this man. He shot a tropper in the neck on Fri and he was treated and released from the ER that I used to work at.

Back to my "Coming Home" as I like to refer to it. I am so happy to be playing housewife. I have big plans for when this manhunt is over!