Thursday, May 10, 2012

The things we do for our kids.....

Yes, this is Leslie's Dad!
Need I say more?

I am the only one......

 ....who has ever cut her hair, in all of her 30 years, and I wasn't about to stop now!
She has had one chemo treatment 2 weeks ago and her hair was starting to fall out really bad so she asked to have it clipped really short, we did that today.
Isn't she beautiful?

Rockin a hat and scarf!

Biker Chick!

I think she can pull of this look just fine!!

While I was away.....

 We have been fighting breast cancer. We honored Leslie in the local Susan G. Komen 5K Race For The Cure. Above is Robin, looking all Pink Jackie O. Danny, looking all Pink Hawaii Five O. Fred, Robin's father-in-law, looking all "O"!!! LOL Love Fred's pink wig. We had no trouble spotting him in the crowd!
 My niece, Cindy, ran a great race! A little hint here, she is only 6 months younger than me. I am VERY impressed!!
 These tutu wearing chicks were a hoot! They are 3 of our besties and sure brightened the day!! We love these girls! They walked because the blonde just had a baby girl!
 These 2 Chickies are sisters, Kerri on the left has been Leslie's BFF since 3rd grade and her sister Karla! Love these gals too!
 Here is the whole crowd minus ONE. One of our racing gals said she crossed the finish line and I missed her with my lens.......not sure how that could ever happen, but if she said so I guess I will believe her! lol
 Leslie's son Colton, mother-in-law Becky and father-in-law Lloyd!
They made it in record time, too!!
 Emma had to have a celebatory dance with Papa Lloyd!
 Well who do you reckon this is.....our lost sheep!
Turns out she was back at camp the whole time EATING!
While Mama Hen here was worried sick about her!! Jodie!! I love you!!
 Morgan and Jonathan even found time to make out! Oooops!
 The Chic-fil-a Cows couldn't pass up a photo op with these pink babes!
 This is my spouse, all up to his ears in bras! Pink bras!
 All sorts of cousin time!!
 Pink cupcakes. Lillie says "Step away from the cupcake and no one gets hurt."
 We recieved rave reviews about our tent decor!!
 We made friends with the neighbors really awesome dog, Brutus!
 I couldn't help myself, had to get these at JoAnne Fabrics one day! How cute are they?
 We couldn't get enuf pink on.....
Robin made Leslie the most gorgeous signature quilt and presented it to her at the race. We cried! Everyone signed it while there.
 Leslie, the WOMAN, and her hubs, Travis!

 Lillie ate too many pink cupcakes and swore she saw a pink poodle named Guiniverre!
 Some of us walked......hey, I still beat my own personal time...think about that one for a while!
 However, Robin's hubs, Eric took second........SECOND PLACE!!! Go Eric!!!
 and there is Fred again!
 There was a Ribbons of Hope walk where you could hang ribbons in honor of anyone who you cared to honor. Leslie was the ONLY one there with her picture on all of her many ribbons! :-)
 On the way into Roanoke early the morning of the race, the festivities had started the day before and the sky was lit up all in pink over Roanoke!! How cool was that??
I couldn't remember if I had already shared this picture of all of us in pink on the day of her surgery. I told her we had quite the party and we really wished she could have been a part of it!
She didn't laugh!

I will post several post in the next few days to catch you all up to snuf!
Love and miss you all!!