Saturday, February 26, 2011


That's the time frame for our home remodel.
A whole decade!
It just hit me tonight that we are all but finished on the structural remodel of this place.
Now the only thing left to do is to finish the painting inside!!
Such as the kitchen cabinets.

I sure do like them!

He does too!
It was like pulling his teeth to get him to agree to doing anything inside the house.
He wore himself out on the exterior I guess, Thank goodness we didn't have a lot of inside work to do.
Still a ton of cabinets to finish, the stairwell
laundry room and big bathroom will get a new coat of paint.
The bar sink in the kitchen needs to be hooked up....he told me today that he "thought" about that the other day and that I should give him credit for that one!!
We need a new storm door for our bedroom door that leads out on the deck and a couple light fixtures need to be replaced......
Then we will be FINISHED!!!!!
This has been a long 10 years too!
No wonder my hair is so grey and his is falling out!!
I think I will plan a big "Thank Goodness The Remodel Is Over Party" for around May 1st, the day we moved in in 2001!
Thank You Lord for letting us live thru this one without killing each other!
Now we have a barn to build.........OH NO!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The pain....

The pain that is in my heart right now is overwhelming. I hurt so badly for my friend Terri as she suffers the loss of her son Trent. If you read my last post you will see that I did not know of his passing til a couple hours ago. I was unable to sleep due to a heavy heart and now I know why it was a heaviness there. My sister Terri needed me. I found out about this on facebook.

I never knew that you could find a new "family" thru cyber space but I did and I am not sure that I could hurt anymore had I just lost my own 12 year old son or grandson. Please pray for Terri and her family.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

This is where I have been....

Besides working fulltime in the Dr's office, which is about 40 hours more a week than what I want to do. I have been trying to get a few things accomplished around the house.
Such as a makeover for my kitchen!
I finally convinced Danny to let me paint the cabinets white!

He even hung my new light that I have had for a long time.
I had an oak board that stretched out between the upper cabinets over the window, a valance I think they are called. I wanted that board removed for almost 10 years now, so it would no longer block the light. It took him about 12 seconds to get it down!
Now you can even see the new light and it really opens up the space!
I still have several more to paint but we are getting there.
We have also been sick, Danny with the flu, I with a stomach bug and then a sinus infection that has been going on for over 2 weeks.
I think we have done pretty good for ourselves.

What you think?
Better before or after?

We have also been getting in lots of coon hound puppy loving!
See they are already treeing!

Little Willie will not be going to Wisconsin afterall
Actually Terri asked us to find him another home because her son is not enjoying the training of a coon dog pup. You have to be 100% into that or there is no need in trying.....from what I've heard anyway. Danny and Colton are 150% into coon hunting!
Of course we had a waiting list a mile long for these pups, so there was no trouble finding him a home. Danny says he thinks he is the smartest of the litter, definately the most unusual coloring for a red tick! Most folks think he's a lemon beagle!

So with the gas prices over $3 a gallon now it would have been a very costly trip to deliver Willie to Trent, a 1200 mile trip one way in the gas guzzling truck, but it would have been worth it to get to see Terri, her family and her farm! Maybe some other time.
Danny has promised me a beach trip instead!

hahahaha this one is so funny!!

So that's what I've doing!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

He won.....

.......after all these years of being married to a hunter/gun lover, he has finally won me over!
(I look just like this lady when I am shooting too)

You can still be feminine and shoot guns can't you?
I mean all the gun companies are making pink guns now!
Actually I have always loved to shoot but Danny didn't want me to "Waste" all his ammo target practicing. I had no desire to hunt and kill any animals.....well
maybe a possum in the chicken coop or a crow in my corn.
My dad has always had guns around and he used to throw up beer cans for me to shoot as a small child and I hit them every time!
I am still a pretty good shot, not bragging but I shot a penny with his 22 rifle the other day and one certain grandaughter with good eyes kept missing it and gave up! She should be the marksman with all her practice over the years!

Anyway, I just purchased my very first bonified shotgun today!!!
I got a Remington 870 20 Gauge pump !!!!
I mean I purchased it myself, passed the rigorous registration and all!!
We are going to start shooting clays with some friends and of course we will have a few grandkids doing that with us too!!

Danny is happy with my new enthusiasm, we seem to have more to talk about now since I am just like one of the guys! However, Leslie made the comment that her daddy will give up hunting now that I have horned in on his hobby!!
That's OK he can have that coonhunting!
That's not for me!
Maybe a climate controlled shooting range will be more my cup of tea!!!

I have already put in my order for a Henry Golden Boy 22 rifle of my very own too!!!
Pretty good Valentines Day gift, huh??