Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Add this to the top of my needs list.....

Oh My Goodness!! I need this home! I love love love everything that they are saying about it and the 3 pictures shown have sold me!! Well everything but the price! I don't think I have quite a half a million left in the savings account but oh my goodness. All you farm girl friends of mine just go on and click on this link and you will see why I want this one!! A pond site is perfect cause I am married to the pond builder. The basement canning kitchen that they call a summer kitchen and the stocked canning shelves are awesome. The pictures of all those jars of food is art in my book!!
And 48 acres!!!
A huge garage!
Oh Me Oh My!!

This home is in Woolwine and that is very very close to The Fairy's Rest, a few miles away. I don't know where this home is but I would surely like to find out. Maybe I will schedule a visit so I can drool over it!! Anyone want to come along just let me know and we will make it a date!!! Enjoy!

Click Here and I am sure you will be jealous too!!
Maybe The Fairy's Rest will help me pay the mortgage on this to die for place??
Surely to die 'for you get it paid off, hahaha!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dumpster tables.....

.......that's what Danny called them. I bought these at a yardsale (2 for $10) last year for The Fairy's Rest and they were not pretty but I could see the potential at the time.
He could not!
He really really wanted to take these to the dumpster or better yet, cut them up and burn them in our outdoor furnace!
I got up the energy and "want to" today to finally start painting them.
I was just about to let him convince me that they were not suitable for using.
I am glad I didn't!!
I just love how the "character" of the wood shows thru after painting them!!
I have to admit that they were just downright dog ugly before!!
(don't tell him that I felt that way, OK?)
I used Rustoleum High Gloss black spray paint.
Odd for me huh?
I usually paint everything white!!
I love the way they turned out and I can't wait to see them tomorrow at The Fairy's Rest with the black lamps sitting on them!!
I also can't wait to see my husbands expression when he sees them......he will probably think that I bought new tables!!
I am visioning some other items in my house coated with a little touch of color......
wink wink

Monday, June 28, 2010

Company's coming...... The Fairy's Rest!!!! Yes, you heard me! It is booked for a weekend in August!!!!
I am so excited! I knew it would happen one day. I just knew all that hard work would pay off for us. I mean one weekend isn't going to replenish the drained savings account, but hey it's a start!
Makes me happy that some one sees a place that they would like to pay to stay at, and for more than one night too!!! LOL!!!

Now I got to go clean the place some more, make some Blueberry Jelly and homemade bread for my guest, maybe a Blueberry Cheesecake (uh um Terri?) turn down the beds, cut some fresh flowers, put a mint on their pillow......... and.....and........and..... hahaha (it is very very clean right now ;-)

I want my guests to like it there!!! I want them to be able to tell others that it was their best vacation ever!!!!!! I want them to mention all the little touches (such as homemade jam and bread) that made them each feel special. I also want them to mention how comfortable and clean the place was.

This has been an interesting day. We finished most everything at The Fairy's Rest yesterday, I have just a few little things that I want to add but it is ready to rent out as of today. I have sat in front of this computer all day long today, til my eyes were literally crossed working on my website and advertising. I have had about 1500 hits on my website today already!! I also mentioned it to a couple hundred friends of mine on Facebook and that's were I got the first booking! Maybe Craigslist will come thru for me too as he has in the past!

Wish us luck on this new adventure!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

more for and after's......

Looks pretty cool huh?

Nice clean white chairs on a nice clean deck in the dappled shade?

Inviting huh?


It was between 97 degrees in the shade and 110 in the partial sun in Stuart Va today!!

There's no amount of cool lemonade that will quench that heat!

It was too hot to even sit and admire my very first ever Gardenia blooms!!

I was really worried that these were not even going to live let alone bloom but they did!!

They sure do smell good too!

So with the extreme heat I went inside and did some more tweaking on the place and I just have to share some more before and after's with you guys!

I know I know I know you are all sick of seeing this place, just as sick as I am of working on it!!

But here goes anyway.....

Living room before

After, I still have 2 end tables that will be painted and sit on either end of the sectional with the matching lamps. One day!

Cheap art!

My babies in black n white! Too cute!

I knocked the leg out from under the center part of the sectional and dh has to fix it, that's why it is leaning back in the pics.

See the Craigslist $50 TV DVD VCR combo plus TV stand??

"my bedroom" before



my little bathroom before



I made a curtain out of a $1 vintage flour sack towel
from a yardsale and when I hung it it was 1/2 inch too short so I hung the lace panel and made a scarf out of the towel! Cute?

another view

my favorite part the "heart of the home" before

"my big red heart of the home" after!!

These are postcards from a local artist
I love how they turned out!
The middle one is the Floyd Country Store
where the Floyd Jamboree is held every Friday night with great bluegrass music.
It is quite a fling! Folks come from all over the place.
Stars like Bill Monroe, Patsy Cline and Earl Scruggs have been my little ole town!!!

Copper stove hood turned out just right!
Added a nice touch, I think!

More cheap art!!
I think all these pics have been in previous posts on my blog and i just love all of them so I thought it only fitting to display them here!
I mean Leslie has on her beachy/vacationy tshirt in her picture!

I WILL get the chairs painted soon! I will! I promise!!

oops I told you I like these pics! hehehe

My craigslist $30 red microwave fits/blends right in!!

How about my $1 yardsale vintage tablecloth????
I know that I have been complaining alot about all the work that we have been doing there to get the place ready to rent, but I am sorta upset that it's almost done now. Well just a little upset but very very happy at the same time! I am going to find it hard to let some total strangers come into my home that I worked so hard on and tear it up in a couple days. I love to go there now because it is so pretty and clean!!! A far cry from this home!! I am sure that my spouse will be happy for someone else to be staying there for a week at a time so that his housewife will take care of his house again!!!!! We'll see about that! I am not sure what I will be doing in all my free time that's coming up. Well cleaning, gardening, canning, freezing, jelly making, milking, making butter, making cheese, feeding animals,
etc etc etc etc etc............WHAT FREE TIME????
I better be traveling up and down the mountain to clean The Fairy's Rest between overnight guests a lot too!!

My look alike

Happy Birthday Grandma Goldie! I sure miss you! Today would be 96 years.

Do you think we look alike? My mom and dad always said that I looked like her and acted just like her too, even when I was a small child. I didn't think so then but I sure think I look like her now. I knew that I always acted just like her and that was a compliment!! I spoke my mind just like her and I pouted just like her. She wrote the book on the art of pouting to get her way, I might add!! Me too, I learned that little trick early in life. My dad would always tell me to pick my lip up before I stepped on it and I would get sooooo mad at him!! Then I got married and I could always pout and get my way with Danny and then somewhere along the line "He" grew out of that!! He wised up to my shananigans I guess! What went wrong Grandma Goldie??? Send me some help!! Please!!!!
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Monday, June 21, 2010

My Shabby Little Shack Makeover

Let me first explain myself here......
I am so tired right now that I am in a stupor!
I have uploaded these pictures and I had forgot one so I had to add it in here at the top.
I sure as heck was not going to delete all my other pictures just to put them all in order so you guys could understand them!! Hahaha,
that would take way to much energy that I surely do not have right now!
So here goes anyway......try to follow along with me as I narrate in this dead fog......
My Shabby Little Shack was the first name for The Fairy's Rest, back when it was only going to be our retirement/vacation home and not up for nightly rental.
We are sooooooo close to being finished now that I can taste it!!
Do you have any idea how happy that makes me????

The big bathroom before......hold this thought OK?
(circa 11/2008)
The property 11/2008, we had owned it for over a year at that time and the work finally began.

Today 6/21/2010
Quite an improvement No?

Bathroom after!!!!!
I still have to make the cushion for the little bench out of the fabric that is laying on it now.
Did you know that I like toile??

The armoire is getting ready to turn white and Danny is going to build me some shelves in it to house linens. I can't wait for that!!

Laundry before


I love love love (in case you didn't already know that about me) white paint!!
On everything!!

OMG I love it so much, I could just stand and look at it all day!
I have to make some more curtains for the door.
I robbed these from the kitchen to help keep the sun out today while I worked.
(92 degrees there today)
We replaced the old door with a new one but Danny tore the other new mini blinds when he took them down.....urgh!!!
That's OK cause I got a new door!

Master Bedroom before.
Now, Kerri this ones for you!!!
This was Kerri's bed that she left me in the home when we bought it from her!
I couldn't wait to paint it cause I knew it would be gorgeous, and she couldn't wait to see the room after it was painted. I am not sure why she didn't like the wallpaper in this room????

Morning Fog Blue bed and dresser to match that still has to be moved.
Also the nightstand is on my todo list for paint!!
The room is now white!!
I do have to say the whole room is so much prettier than I ever imagined it could be!!
The bed I knew would be just perfect and it is in my book!!

Robin embroidered this pillow top for me back in the winter and I finally got the pillow made last week. The back of the pillow is Waverly in a blue and light cream toile and I made a valance for the window out of the same fabric. The front of the pillow is made from an old mattesse bed coverlet that I bought at an antique store a while back.

hallway before

Hallway after!!!
I think I have put just the right amount of "shabbiness" on the place.
I didn't want to scare anyone off ;-)))
We are really only a few hours away from the finish line!!
I will be so glad when that checkered flag is dropped too.
It will be so nice to go there and not have to do so much work all the time.
I want to be a guest at The Fairy's Rest one day too!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Prayers were answered!!!

Danielle was found alive and safe in PA!!
That's all we know at this time.
Thanks for all the prayers!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Buckeyes are here....

Remember my Buckeye incubation story?
I do! I sucked it up and gave it yet another try and it worked!!!!
I really had my doubts though. It took 22 and 23 days to hatch this crowd.
Of course you all know that it takes 21 days incubation for a chicken to hatch out,
wrong, it is up to 23!!!
I had 30 Buckeye eggs and 8 Black Rosecomb Banty eggs.
I hatch 14 Buckeye's and 5 banties.
Look at the difference in the size! The banties are itty bitty!!
The 2 Buckeye's you see in the box are the last 2 to hatch out and the other older chicks tried to pull their wings off, litterally dragging them around trying to pull them off.
I had to place them in the box under the light so they would survive.
When they get a little stronger they will be able to hold their own with the big kids!
I am very happy that I was finally able to contribute to conserving the breed of the Buckeye's. They are on the critical list for endangerment. I know why!
Because they are so dagone hard to get here!!!!!
Of course the parents were getting on up in age and that contributes to the poor hatch rate of the eggs. I now have a start and I will gather some young fertile eggs from them when they start laying and try this incubating again in about 6 months!! I will have forgot how much trouble it is turning the eggs and anticipating all sorts of babies popping out like they did with my batch of guineas last year. That was a great hatch and they all should be as good!!!!!

We have been having the craziest weather for the past several days.
This was the veiw outside about 30 minutes ago.
We have had terrible storms for 30 minutes and then HOT sunny skies for about 30 minutes.
It is so humid out there and this has been a hot rain.
I know that is nothing to complain about but I do anyway!

The rain is ruining all my blooms on my flowers :-(

My Dr Van Fleet rose is just spent!

My Love rose trying to make a show in this heat and humidity.

Ehhh, just so so in the rain....

My hollyhocks, however, are very durable and looking pretty good in the rain.
I can never get enough of these beauties!

He can't seem to get enough of them either.

There is no word on the missing girls.
Yes I said girls.
We heard this morning that there is another girl from my little town missing too.
Danielle lives on the other side of the county.
We do not know if the girls were friends or had any connections or not.
We have also heard that they arrested a man in another state that Danielle had been talking to online and brought him in for questioning but they let him go.
Apparently he had nothing to do with this area at the time.
I hope that is right.
Mama's please keep watch over your children!
Please keep on praying for these families too!
ps~ I just noticed the new picture in my header. This is what came into my mind!!
It looks like an engagement picture.
The bride and the groom to be and the flowers will be roses!!
I'm just saying!!!