Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Leslie's new blog

I wanted to share my daughters blog where she is journaling her fight against breast cancer.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Wait for the bell and come out a fighting.......ding ding ding....

So, you can see we did not get a good result from our testing.

Leslie got the call yesterday that she has breast cancer............ any idea how hard those words are to hear over the phone while you are at work? Any idea how hard they are as a mother to hear your crying daughter spout them out thru her tears over cell phones when you are in opposite counties? Pretty darned hard to stomach I can say! I couldn't wait to get my hands on her and my arms around her!

I have cried and cried and cried and cried and still cry over and over....if a cloud comes over or the wind blows a certain way, I cry. I cried my self to sleep last night and the second my eyes caught the light of day I cried like a baby!

Cried for hours and then called Leslie and she sounded so cheerful on the other end of the line and I decided that I had better just suck it up and deal!

And fight!

We have decided that we are going fight like a bunch of crazy banshee women!!

Cancer ain't gonna know what hit it when we all come rolling into the ring!


Leslie is a mere 30 years old, a wife of 12 years to Travis, Mother to Colton 11 and Emma 8 and she is my daughter! Danny's daughter, Robin's sister and Morgan's Aunt. Morgan adores/worships Leslie to no end.....she used to call her in one continuous syllable Auntlesliemyauntmyfriend..........for many many many years that was her name!

Leslie has so many family and friends supporting her and she has such a strong faith in the Lord. She is otherwise very healthy and is determined to fight hard, with all us girlz and guys by her side.

There is a lot that we do not know until further testing is completed about her path of treatment but we do know for a fact that she will be hit really hard with chemo due to the type/size and her age. We saw the surgeon today but he has to wait for several more tests to come in to discuss a plan.

There are prayer warriors ALL over the world already......that's what happens when you have a BIG mouth like me and her sister..........and now that you guys in blogland know about it you can raise her up in prayer too!! I beg of you!! Please help us in this fight!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Prayers, Please!

My beautiful daughter, Leslie, is in need of prayers at this time. She has found a mass in her breast a few weeks ago. She went to the gyn and she ordered a mammogram and ultrasound, which was done on Thursday but the Radiologist who did the ultrasound (yes the Dr did it herself) was unable to differientiate between a bening or malignant process so she has to go back on Tuesday for a biopsy.

Leslie is only 30 years old and has no family history of breast cancer, which is in her favor, but we still need a lot of prayers for her! THANKS!!