Friday, July 27, 2012

Had a blast with this shoot and learned a lot.....

.....about these kiddos.
That they are at the perfect age to get creative with a photo shoot.
That they enjoyed it, despite being
That they are just about the cutest stinkin kids I ever did see.
That Colton loves photography, as evidenced in him taking my old camera and just starting to shoot while I was doing a solo of Emma!
He said he was going to be my assistant!!
I think he has potential!
This was just a small sample of this shoot, plenty more where they came from!!
Now just trying to decide which ones to frame for my wall???
I now have 8 shoots lined up!
I am LOVING my job!!
I also love these barefoot kids!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hi! My Name is Becky and I am a Photographer...

 See, my husband who was going to send me to Tybee Island for my HUGE Birthday in June, felt sorry for me because I couldn't find anyone that was available to spend a week with me at the beach, so he decided that he would just buy me a new Nikon for my Birthday!!
Oh Happy Birthday to me!!!
Everyone and everything has been captured on film since then.
Including 17 year olds you hate having their picture taken, but very reluctantly took a couple minutes out of her very busy socially obligated Saturday morning to help me practice with my new studio lights and get some great High Key Portraits of her. 
 Even though she was squirming and trying to goof up my shots I was able to suck that beauty right out of that face!
 She doodled and whined for her 3 minute setting but I got some awesome shots!
I have always loved this high key look and can't wait to do some more.
I have a shoot today with a couple very special models who love to be photographed!
I can't wait!!!
 Tee hee....very Rosy-ish!!
 After she got out of my studio I conned her Papa Danny into donning his suit and tie ........ on a Saturday morning.....he was sick......he really was sick, felt horrible but wanted me to get some good practice with those lights because he knew the baby goats would not sit still for me.........
Doesn't look very sick does he?
 I have to say my old farmer boy cleans up pretty well!
 Like the shabby background? I do!
 Rode around with my camera Sunday afternoon and started shooting some interesting buildings all within 7 miles of my house. I will share more of those in another post.
This is the old Indian Valley Presbyterian Church. Sad to see such a beautiful church abandoned.
 I get the feeling that the bride and groom are going to run thru those doors any minute now.
 Gorgeous barn just down the road from me!
 Love old barns and outbuildings.
 The beautiful, and HUGE, Burnette Barn on the Burnette Farm that Danny's boss owns.
 Love this shot!
 If you remember this is the barn that I have been working on in oil paints for several years. hahaha
Was able to catch Danny and his BFF, David, working on that farm, when I went on Tuesday to get more pictures of my hometown, and was able to take them a picnic lunch!

I have 7 shoots on the books so far, so watch out, this blog may be flooded with my work soon, real soon!! WOOT! WOOT!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

About those famous goats of mine....

Some more Connemara babies are here!
Actually they are almost 2 months old now, I am just a little behind in my bragging.
Above are Belle's twins Brown doeling, Francesca and buckling, Henry.
I sadly lost Henry at 3 weeks old....NO IDEA what happened, unless a bigger goat hurt him.
So sad!
 Francesca is so pretty!

 "Walk this way"
 She is very energetic!!
 Head butt!
 Henry looked just like his Mama.
 A Facebook picture that was too cute not to share.
 Miss Karo is bred to a Connemara Buck for fall babies, I hope ;-)
 Meet Louisa, my 3/4 Connemara stock doeling, from Ellie Mae.
This is her first kid and she has been a pistol on the milk stand. Danny has been on vacation this past week and he has milked her and says he has her "trained" now. I will find out tomorrow morning!
 She looks just like her daddy, too! Been sorta hard to tell my 2 doelings apart.
 About those other kids......
Morgan and Lillie enjoying my little red wagon!
 While Emma pulls them!
 Lillie, having a little talk with Jesus.
 Jonathan, Morgans wonderfully sweet, quite the catch boyfriend with his big catch of the day!
I think it was his first fish ever!
It's been so hot here that you could only fight the heat by doing this!!

Actually Danny got the rafters on the new milk barn, in this terrible heat, while he was on vacation.
 I stayed in the A/C!
RIP, Little were quite the studly little man and theres no doubt all the girls would have really loved you.....