Thursday, January 27, 2011

No words can describe......

(Wisconsin Willie 22 days old)

(Virginia Ann)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I knew I could teach her......

how to color my hair!
Leslie, that is, as many hours as she has spent in my hair studio for the past 22 years she should know how!
She was one of my guinea pigs for many years before I started cosmetology school and during.
I also have to say that she was one of my guinea pigs for new tricks and techniques that I have tried since I became licensed too!
I worked as an educater for Paul Mitchell Systems for
a while and had to try out new tricks all the time!
Leslie also worked as my shampoo girl for many summers as a teenager.
Of course she always liked getting her hair cuts and color done for free and I always had the really cool nail polishes and equipment to keep hers looking perfect ALL THE TIME!!
Leslie, when is the last time you polished your nails? I know you caught a great husband with those beautiful nails!! I bet he would like to see them now too! LOL
Yep, both of my poor girls felt the brunt of my calling many times,
however, they will only trust me to do their hair now!
Robin has only had another person in her hair once and that was her mother-in-law who put her a perm in just as something to do on a whim while I was busy.
Danny took Leslie to his bosses wife once for both of them to have haircuts when his father passed away and I was way to busy to get to them.

Robin travels from Atlanta for haircuts!
She's my most dedicated/loyal client!
She cried when she thought someone else was going to have to cut her hair one time!
Teehee....yep they are spoiled!
They both would cut my hair for me if they knew how and both have put on all over color for me.
Robin and Danny have over the years pulled my hair thru a cap.......OMG PAINFUL TOO!!!
Ever had your hair pulled thru a frosting cap?
That's why some great hairdresser invented the foiling technique!
Easy peasy on the client!
However when you have a natural very dark brown brunette as I am, that is before mother nature took over and tried her hand at
natural highlights and that DID NOT work,
it is very hard to lift that color above anything but red.
It is a lot easier for an ametuer hairdresser to control the color if it is
seperated from the rest of the hair by a plastic cap.
Hence the reason I endured many hours of pain last evening after talking Leslie into pulling it thru a cap for me.
I am on a mission to look younger and when you get older you are supposed to lighten your hair, as mother nature does your hair and brows and lashes.
Lifts many years off your age to go lighter as your lashes and brows fade.
You all know those older ladies that go jet black because they think that has restored their youthful appearance. Most of these women were not that dark as a child!
It only makes them look a whole lot older especially when they have to pencil in their brows with a black sharpie!!
Do you know someone like that?
Well as you can see all these pictures were turned to black and white because I
was in
"Blonde Shock"
last night when I took them and this seemed to lessen the blow!
Danny says that I am crazy and he loves me as a blonde this time.
It's been about 5 years since I had it this color and he never really cared for it before.
However he has watched a couple movies lately with Catherine Heigle sp? and he loves her!!
Hmmm???? Let me think about this one?
I see Phyllis Diller when I look in the mirror, not Catherine!
I hope you enjoyed your little session from Hair Color 101!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

and then there were four....

Little Ginny Ann with her head all smooshed by her brother!

Wisconsin Willie on the left!

They are so dag gone cute!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My kinda day....

It's my day off today, only because my Dr is out of town, and then again on Friday I will be off too! I have nothing else to do but sit and take in all the sights around this farm that I miss all those other work days.
Such as this really nice breathe of Spring that my Amaryllis has given me.
It's snowing outside, of course, and this is such a welcome sight inside!
Makes me feel all tropical!!

I get to sit and watch all my HUNDREDS of birds at my feeders.

I get to watch them drink warm water from their new heated dish.
This is a heated dog waterer but I thought it would be perfect for the birds too.
I think I will need to get out there and place a big rock in the middle of it incase one was to fall in maybe they could scurry to the top of the rock to escape.

Click to enlarge these pictures and you will see only a fraction of the birds that are out there at any given time. Funny how they know when I have the camera on them and they fly.

I have so many American Goldfinches that I fear for my life when I walk outside!
I have a friend who is pertrified of birds and she says "They will peck your eyes out!"
With this many out there I am thinking of her often!
I guess I had better be careful what I ask into my yard!

I finished all the laundry and did a lot of cleaning last night so I could have this "ME" day today!
Pretty smart huh?

This morning while doing my birdwatching with a nice hot cup of Hazelnut coffee in my hand...
I spotted this little girls mate!
The picture above, albeit a horrible picture, is of my female Red Bellied Woodpecker that came here last week.

Then this morning I spotted her mate. A beautiful male!
He likes Danny's newest platform feeder too!

I watched him for a long time with my binoculars so I do know that he is a he!
I am researching a new zoom lens for my camera so I can get some good close-ups of my birds.
I have only had this camera for one year, don't you think it's time I learned how to use it?
I have a book coming today....Nikon D3000 for Dummies.....and yes I am a dummy so I hope it will help me out!
See this is my kinda day!
Birdwatching in my PJ's,
Nice cups of coffee in my clean house,
Learning how to use my camera
anything else that I want to do!!!
It's all about me today!

I think I might make a cake today!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I miss blogging so bad......

and I am going thru withdrawals again.
Could be my new self diagnosis of SAD
along with my ADD, either way it is sad to have me in this frame of mind.
I really think there is something to that SAD,
seasonal affective disorder stuff.
I am not handling this nasty snowy winter very well at all.
I can't remember when we had just one single cold but not bitterly cold
and dry day where there was no snow on the ground.
We have not had a winter like last year where we kept 30+ inches of snow on the ground for ever but it has been just enough to drive ya crazy!
So I thought if I sat down and posted some pictures from my very boring life I would feel better!

The puppies are here!!
Horrible blurry picture but they are here and cute as can be!
Virginia Ann in front
Wisconsin Willie at the back!!

Wisconsin Willie has such a sweet nose!

They will be so fun when they get their eyes open!
They are 7 days old today so it won't be long now!

Here are some pictures that I took for some friends.
Danny built this pond this fall and I LOVE this farm and had to get some pictures of it.

That was a lot of playing around with Picasa!
It was a cloudy dreary day so I had to spice them up a bit.

Here is our pond between snows.
If you enlarge it you can see what looks like a mans footprints all the way across the pond.
I think it must have been Bigfoot!

More playing around with Picnic this time.

Danny built me this platform feeder so that I could lure the woodpeckers, blue jays and cardinals in.

Ahh ha it worked!
I have had a woodpecker around everyday since he built this about 8 days ago.
I really miss my bird watching each day because of that stupid old job!!
If only I had been born rich instead of beautiful!

Updated~ I forgot to metion that there is one thing that I like about winter and snow.....

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 is going to be a good one!

Meet Little Anne.
She is the very friendly coon hound that brings my husband and grandson many hours of enjoyment.
She is always waiting with a great big handshake.
She will not touch her food until you shake her hand!

These pictures do not do her justice.
Little Anne is a big ole brute of a dog.
She is like a small horse!
Stout enough to pull Danny down if she wishes.
And....... she is expecting puppies in roughly 5 more days!!
Terri get ready, here I come!
Of course the weather has to be nice so we can go outside and milk goats, feed chickens and ride horses.
Share a cup of coffee while walking around the farm in the early morning.
Etc Etc Etc.......
We will keep you posted on the pups.
Then we will start making plans for the delivery to Wisconsin!
I can't wait!
I have two big road trips coming up this spring,
I will be going to Georgia to meet Lillie, my newest grandaughter, who's coming in March.
Then I will be going to Wisconsin to meet my blogging friend in May/June ish!
My bags are already packed! LOL

To all my friends and family out there in blog land,

I am sending out prayers for you to have a

blessed and prosporous new year!

Happy 2011!!