Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sunny Morning Farm Family Photoshoot

Thanksgiving Day we had a planned photshoot here on the farm.

Here are almost all of the pics cause they are way too funny not to share!

Look closely at all of them and see if you can see the common factor in all of them!

Leslie and her beautiful family

Morgan and Jonathan


Yep, Granny has her eyes closed.

Me and my girls!

Lillie is telling Morgan to smile!

blahahaha, not sure what I was doing!

Emma is such a ham!

Now how did this one get in here?

What? Do you guys, not try to hold spoons on your nose at Thanksgiving Dinner?

Some of us are better than others!

Takes a special nose, I guess!

She's so talented!

Robin's beautiful family!


A questionable gang here!

Lillie says, "wait where's that dog?"

Emma was always ready no matter where the camera was!

Not sure why Leslie was strutting like this......LOL

Really not sure who took this one and why I uploaded it

to blogger but I was not taking all the rest of them out.

So you did get them all!
Hope you enjoyed the Moran Family Photos!

How quickly one little blogger is forgotten about

I'm having my own little pity party here all by myself tonight.

Well actually it's morning by now.

I am pouting about how I have lost friends

over the past year.

Blogging friends that were so close to me and held such a special place in my heart.

Friends that I felt as if I could show up on their doorstep every morning and go right inside their homes and have a nice hot cup of coffee with them had we lived closer together.

Oh, that's right, I did go into their homes every morning with my cup of coffee!

Friends that I planned to visit one day before I died and have that cup of coffee in real time.

My crazy job took me away from blogland for almost a year and then blogger itself has kept me from being able to post a comment on a lot of my fellow bloggers posts on their blogs and apparently an absence does not make the heart grow fonder.

It makes you all but forgotten!


It breaks my heart to go to these blog sites that were my favorites and see that I am not even on their favorite blog lists any longer!

I keep my favorite blogs on my blog lists for ever and ever in hopes that they may decide to post again one day!

I know this sounds very very whiny but my feelings are very hurt at this time!

Maybe I will just have to get a whole new set of bloggy friends and try this again?

Maybe I just need a nap cause it's been a very long hard day?

Maybe I am being petty but a blog is supposed to be where you write

your thoughts and ideas down in black and white, right?

So, to my 2 blog friends that have stuck by me thru thick and thin, I salute you and wish you well!

You know who you are!

The picture above is for you!

I happened to gaze out my dining room door this morning and spotted this little fiasco........ ALL five of my banties were up in my washing machine!!


So here on the farm, Tuesday is now the official washday!

Monday, December 12, 2011

My visit to Connemara Farm

Danny and I took a great little day trip yesterday to Flat Rock, NC to visit Connemara Farm, the farm that was owned by the late Carl Sandburg and has been donated to the National Historical Society. The goats are still being raised on the farm but they are no longer milking. The goats that are there are direct descendents of Lillian Sandburgs original herd. After Carl died, she sold the last 24 goats, then she turned around and donated the home. With her help they went and bought back her original herd! You can read more about her goat dairy here.

If you remember from my previous years blogging that I owned a buck named Durango who was from the Connemara bloodlines. I purchased him from a nice farm just a few miles down the road from Connemara. We have been searching for a herd sire locally and had no luck with that search so on Saturday I decided to give these same great folks a call and inquire as to whether they may for some slim chance have a buck for sale or know of one around their area. We were so happy with Durango and knew that they would never steer us wrong. So imagine my surprise when she said "As a matter of fact we do have a nice young Connemara buck for sale!" GIGGLES GIGGLES!!!!
So off we tread as fast as that Chevy pickup would get us there to snag him up! Afterall I wanted another one of Mrs. Sandburgs' Champion Goats!
Click on the picture to enlarge.

We got there early enough to take in a quickie tour of Connemara and their goat dairy before our appt with the Burton's. We had to walk up a huge hill to get to the farm and house. It was way so worth it when we got there! This is being used like a garage now but I am imagining this was the Sandburgs tractor shed at one time.

LOVE the red corn crib! I want one!

The goat barn was awesome!

They had a couple chickens pecking around outside but I could never get a good picture.
I also have a tub like this that we decided we need as a watering trough for my goats too!

That prize winning goat is kin to my goats!

The buck lot.

Fabulous milking parlor.....I also want!

I have one of Durango's daughters here but she did not get these spots. A friend of ours used Durango and they have a daughter of his which looks just like this one!

Mrs. Sandburg raised the 3 breeds shown above and had as many as 200 milking at one time.

The goat in the forground is a half sister of the buck I bought yesterday. She is on loan back to the farm at this time. The Burton's work very closely with the farm and they switch around as necessary.

The Toggenburgs all lounging around enjoying the warm was COLD in the

Pisgah National Forest!

Not sure what this building was but it was beautiful.

Danny has already said that we WILL go back for another visit to the farm when we can stay longer and take in a guided tour.

Check out this building above the garden.

OMG!! It's a greenhouse/ cheese room!

We both really liked this one. You know how we just love outbuildings too!

White outbuildings are the bestest!!

The basement cheese room.

There are so many little white houses/ outbuildings. This just made me break out in goosebumps all over. Look at that bamboo! I have bamboo here and this trip made me grow to love it even more!

Love this village like setting with the gravel pathways up to the main house. I even have some white picket fencing just like this!

Thru the pathway above up to the side of the house.

Side view of the front porch.

The home sits high on a hill and overlooks a gorgeous pond!

The main house!

Lots and lots of ivy!

Lots and lots of trails.

That's enough show and tell for now! I have to get out there and play goat farmer now!

I will be back with some pics of my newest boy, Sawyer Brown!
Hope you enjoyed your tour!