Friday, April 8, 2011

White Country Farmhouse

Almost finished!!

I have it sitting in my foyer so it can be seen from the road, but I just love the front of the house and want to stare at it all day myself.

Guess I'll have to ride up and down the road several times a day so I can see it myself!!


We still have to put the roof over the porch.

I love love love the porch too!

A garden bench, croquet set, galvanized tub, rubber garden/barn boots and garden tools.

Just like my real front porch!

I crocheted the rug for the doorway, I have to be able to wipe my muddy boots, right? Love this veiw!
Be still my heart!

Always loved these sinks!
How do you like the pastry tray?
Walnut bedroom suite, the bed looks just like mine that Danny made for me for our first Christmas!

Still waiting for the other pieces Danny!
I have decided that I will have to paint the ceilings in all the rooms!

Isn't one house enough to have to paint? Or Two? (home and The Fairy's Rest)
I love being able to sit and admire the dollhouse and see my plum tree in bloom!!

Spring has finally sprung here!!

Is it wrong for a grown woman like me to dream of owning a big white country farmhouse?

To play with a big white country farmhouse dollhouse?