Monday, June 30, 2008

Dining Room

A little table that I found last week at a crafty type decor store. The pics are black & white copies of the grandkids.
This white shelf was upstairs in the garage and I don't even remember having it, but it cleaned up nicely don't you think? A couple other odds and ends for a quick look. I am in thrifting mode looking for more pieces to use in my decor.
Still missing one chair, it is primed and awaiting a coat of paint but I keep getting sidetracked!!
I have a lamp that needs a new shade to set on the table in the corner.

The white valances were found at the thrift store for $1 for the pair and really came in handy for this door until I can get some others made!!

One room down and six more to go with the painting of the walls. The other half of this room too is not finished yet. I still have to paint the trim in the dining room too but it's not to noticeable in the pics.

Off to bed to rest my weary body cause it's the same thing awaiting me tomorrow!!

Goodnight my friends!!

Western Wedding Weekend

Mr and Mrs Ralph Collins

They always just make the wedding day!!!

This handsome cowboy is all mine!! He struck a pose that I couldn't resist!! Just look at the concentration, he was really taking his job as an usher seriously.

A barn for a backdrop, how cool for a western wedding.

There's that little usher doing his job as directed. Look at that pond!!!

Well they "got hitched" with no major problems. A few little issues with the boys trying to get dressed though. The best man popped a button off his vest first. Then I was trying to help the groom get his tie on and helped him rip it in two!! No fear those were little things that any good farmgirl could fix, right. If she had a needle and black thread, scissors and good eyes that is. How about a daughter that lived a couple miles away that could bring her the needle and thread, a couple dull pocket knives and one young teenage girl in the crowd (early on before too many people got there) with good eyes that could thread the itty bitty needle!! Problem solved and the repairs made it thru the day without coming apart.
Ralph has been a friend of dh's for about 12 years and Shelia is his new bride. I really wish them many years of wedded bliss!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hollyhocks, cobwebs and grass clippings

No painting today! Just admiring my hollyhocks!!
and lots of house cleaningand yard mowing!!
Did I mention stall mucking?
Or gardening?
I have actually had my grandpunks here for 2 nights and they helped in the garden and mucked the dairy barn for 2 days. No not all day each day...hahaha ....just the daily maintenence!! Funny how cool it is to play in goat poop!!
Tomorrow will be spent running errands and thrifting and maybe off to the mall (yuck) for a new bedspread!!!
Til tomorrow!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vintage linen curtains

I took one table runner/dresser scarf and cut it in half for the lower tiers. Those are my blueberry bushes that are peeping up in front of the barn.
Itty bitty blue hen on her nest!!
I draped one square tablecloth and 2 napkins over the top rod.
I also found this 1/2 pint milk bottle with the lid for $2.50 and the hobnail milk glass bowl for $2. Of course these all came from my favorite antique store!! The pictures aren't the best cause the afternoon sun was pouring in the window and it cast a shadow either way I went but I think you can get the jist. I even cleaned the window today!!!
I still have some more painting to do, like the last coat of paint on the last chair but I kinda got sidetracked this morning while cleaning my house. I HAD to clean this window and my "Flight of Ideas" kicked into high gear and the rest is history!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kitchen Island

Island before
and after
My childhood chest of drawers repurposed.
I am not sure if I will just leave the top as a painted finish or try to put some other topper on it. I know we will enjoy having this for extra counter space cause we have been enjoying it for several days now already prior to painting it. It is the perfect height. We have decided that we will add locking rollers to the legs so we can move it if we need to bring any other furniture through the house!!

Happy Birthday Grandma Goldie

Today is my Grandma Goldies birthday. She was my favorite person in the world!! She had an unconditional love for me that was unsurpassed. I could do no wrong in that woman's eyes as far as I ever knew of. Not counting the time I told her NO when she asked me to pick up my toys before we came to the kitchen for lunch and I got a whipping that I will never forget and learned how to give her the respect that she deserved. I never said NO to her again.

I miss her so much. She passed away in 1985 from complications of diabetes. she had suffered for years but always had a smile on her face and a huge hug for me.

I love you Grandma Goldie!

I feel she has been watching over me and she dropped me a couple of reminders yesterday. I was cleaning out a draw of mostly junk and in the bottom was this 8 X10 picture of her and then last night the girls and I had my bible out looking up a verse and out fell this same picture in wallet size into Robin's hand. I had this pleasant feeling wash over me and I had to look at the calender and see that today was her birthday!!!

Now these lower pics are Morgan my 13 year old grandaughter (yes only 13). Her cousin Hannah took these and I can say she is going to make it big as a photographer one day.

Morgan is such a beautiful girl right on the edge of becoming a woman and I just hope she makes the right choices as she grows up and learns real good lessons from the wrong ones.

Grandma Goldie would surely be proud of my crew now. I just wish she was here to spread her joy in their lives too.

Morgan, I love you!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

The china cabinet is also finished!

Of course I always forget to get the before pic before I get started!
Primed and waiting!
Tah Dah!!
Goodwill shabby chic wallpaper for $1 a roll used to line the drawers!
So what ya think?
The drawer pulls are the same as my cabinet knobs!

The chairs are finished!!

Well 5 of them are through but the 6th one only has primer!!! They are even prettier than I thought they would be.

Monday, June 16, 2008

More antiques!!

This great table had to have a great light to illuminate it!!
This baby came from an antique store for $45
My dearest hunny is sooo good to me. We bought it and he had it hung in a matter of a few hours!

Here are some more finds to go along with my new decorating theme!!
See the country french chair that doesn't match now? Well just wait and see if they match tomorrow!!

The table and light are a really good start for my new "Country Chic" decorating scheme. I have been really busy slinging paint on those chairs today.

My shoulder is finally better!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

My new thrift store find

My $50 Queen Anne solid oak table. I almost forgot to take the before pics!
After a coat of red mahogany stain and 2 coats of high gloss white paint.
Corner detail after 3rd coat of paint and one coat of polyurethane.
Full view! She is 7 foot long!
Another corner shot! She sure has got some pretty legs!!
I have been LAID UP with my shoulder for almost 2 weeks and I have been doing some real soul searching on many aspects of my life including my home decor. I have decided that the home needed some revamping in a serious kinda way. Since I have this new cleaning routine and know how to go about cleaning in a way that does not consume my every waking minute, maybe I can accomplish this revamping!! Of course the cleaning schedule went out the window for the most part about 4 days ago!!! I will get back on it Monday!!
Yesterday I had to run some errands and decided to stop at the thrift store and see what I couldn't live without and bless my britches look what followed me home!!! Well I wish it would have followed me instead of me having to trek the 30 mile one way trip back in the truck to pick her up (120 miles total). She is worth it though for $50 and some paint.... :) big:)
Of course my shoulder was still hurting and I couldn't lift or do anything else with her other than some left handed sanding until today. I have been working on this almost the whole day!!
We had been wanting a table big enough for the 9 of us to sit at when the girls and their crew are here. We found one at an amish furniture store that was 8' long for $ why do you reckon we didn't get it??? Good things come to those who wait!!!
I got some other "Couldn't live withouts" yesterday a quilt, some shelves and what nots and I'll post pics soon!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ah Sweet Summertime!!

Today is just one of those days where it feels like you are spinning your wheels and not getting any where. I have been down with my shoulder all week long and it is finally about 90% now but I can't seem to be able to muster up the energy/ambition to get anything accomplished.

I think it is Spring Fever! Yes spring was not here this year, went from coooold last week to HOT this week. Too hot to stick your head out of the air conditioned house. Thank you Lord for providing us central air conditioning. A 30 something degree jump in the temp in one week makes it hard to cope. My dearest hardworking husband is out in the woods on his dozer and it is to be 100 today. I sure feel sorry for him, but he wouldn't have it any other way. I would definately be on the lake if I had my choice!

My cleaning schedule was really put to the test this week with the bum shoulder. I had the house in such good shape last week (hence the bum shoulder??) that it followed thru to this week with only a little fluffing needed. I should be utilizing my time today fluffing a bit more, but it will be fine until Monday when I hope to get back on track!!

I hope all of you are having a great time doing those summertime fun things today. I would love to be sitting by a creek with my feet dangling in the water, in the shade of course, with a good book. Or maybe writing my own book on the creek bank.

One of my most pleasurable memories of my childhood took place on a hot summer day like today. My cousins Bucky, Ivey and Gerilyn had come for a visit and my brother and I and the 3 of them played along the moss covered stream that ran thru our property at the old Mills family homeplace (where my father grew up) and we were living in at the time. We built a treehouse in the woods and played in the creek. I will never forget that soothing feeling of the cool water on hot tired feet and the soft moss covered rocks were like velvet. Ah those were the days!!!

Another childhood memory that I have been thinking about has surfaced recently and I feel the need to share this experience with my grandchildren. My father used to take his car or truck down to the creek to wash it on a sunny hot afternoon. There was a little dirt road that went down to a farm that was not traveled often that had a nice size creek running across the road not far from home that we used. The creek width was the same length as the car or truck so we just pulled in it and stopped. The creek was also deep enough that we could easily dip a bucket in it and wet the vehicle down, scrub it with the soap that Mom brought with us and then dip the bucket in again to rinse the car. Of course I was usually playing in the water while my parents did all the work!!! We could have used a waterhose at home but what a cherised memory I would have missed out on. Everytime we drive thru a creek I still think about that.

My husband works for a gentleman who owns a big farm near here that has a road going through a nice size creek that I plan to take my grandkids and my pick-up truck to soon. I think they will love it. I am sure they will be all about playing in the water just as I was but when they get to be my age maybe they will remember as I do what fun they had.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Garden is almost in!!

Well we have really gottten off to a slow start on the garden because of the cold weather. It has finally warmed up here with a bang. We have been putting almost the last of the garden in tonight. Tomatoes, peppers, beets, swiss chard, black pole beans, pole limas, green pole beans, and radishes and lettuce. It may be too late for the radishes and lettuce but we'll see.

I planted 21 squash (transplants that is) last week and aparently they were too tender and all but 3 of them died. We have replanted squash seeds today and some last week. We have potatoes up and looking good. Corn is coming up. I have planted 2 rows of green peas, a row of October beans and a row of Calypso beans all last week. The cukes are coming up good too. Maybe it will work out now. The first year in this house we didn't plant until June the 10th and had the best garden EVER. We even planted potatoes at that time.

Tomorrow I plan to finish planting the tomatoes and peppers, amish pie squash and pumpkins.
I also have some good fertilized hay from the goats that I mucked out of the barn today to put around the tomatoes tomorrow. We are trying to be as organic as possible.

I have something going wrong with my shoulder. Probably my arthritis flaring up with a vengence. I mowed the yard today with the riding mower and it hurt then with the many sharp turns I have to do. Then I pushed a lot of trim and the self propelled mower really drags me around and then if that wasn't enough to put me out of comission, I had to weed eat. It didn't take much weedeating to finish me off. Dh had to finish dinner while I laid on the sofa with a heating pad on my shoulder. I can't do anything with it. I hope with rest and plenty of Ibuprophen it will be better tomorrow. The trim work on the yard will not be finished by me this week even if it is better. I will plant the rest of the garden though.

I hope all of your gardens are doing great this year!

Off to bed now to rest the tired body and sore shoulder for another busy day as a homemaker!!