Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm moving on....

Funny how things have led me to this.

Circumstances, laziness, technology, lack of motivation,

depression (did I really say that? I've never been depressed in my whole life)


etc etc etc......

Now let me explain where I am going.

I am moving my blog....well starting a new one...

and you can find me here at Only The Hem Of My Apron!

Seems since I have quit work fulltime that I have been in a terrible tailspin, it has been a roller coaster ride from you know where!

I have been sick with shingles again, not as bad as last year, but close. I think that has played the number one part in my lack of motivation and depression (strictly clinically related due to fatigue) and laziness (which I would love to blame on the illness too).

Circumstances...well that one is a combo of all of the above. oh my....... that's a biggy.

I seem to have started devoting WAY too much of my time to being nosy and worried about what other people are doing on Facebook.

Not so much what they are doing but what they think of what I am doing....I think that's what I think I think......I don't know anymore what to think for myself!

The shingles have put me in a brain fog that was for a couple weeks so incredibly scary that I was googling Alzheimers and dementia, and was very convinced that I had early onset!

I have already come to the conclusion that I was in brain overload from TMI about other people and their response to my posts. Afterall it's none of my business what other's think about me!

After I got on facebook again this morning and the entire setup has changed, it was like a big ole reality slap in my face!

What I read in between the lines of all of the many many complaints about the changes was that it was time for me to get back to the "basics of life".....(aahhh remember that good ole Waylon Jennings song).

My new blog is designed to bring me back around to being creative, being simple, being pure, being sustainable, being thrifty, being energetic, being accountable for my time management, being crafty and just plain ole being me.

I do not need to worry about whether such and such has the friday night football scores, unless it's Coltons team playing. I don't need to know about who is at a wine tasting and I sure as heck do not need to know when a certain friend ran out of toilet paper in his bathroom.......yep important stuff that I learn on facebook has probably been to blame for my brain fog all along!

So come with me and my apron on my new journey........ cause only the hem of my apron knows for sure.....

Friday, September 16, 2011

Dream a little dream......

Next week at this time I will be right there in that lounge not that one silly, that one! The one on the end!

You know how nosy I am and if I am on the end I can see everyone that pulls into the parking lot, walks to the beach or plays in the game room!

How do I know this?

Cause I've been there before in that exact lounge chair, that exact hotel and that exact pool. Beside that exact beach in that exact state!

Where is that might you ask?


Yes, ma'am we leave on Thursday morning and have about an 8 hr drive to reach the beautiful island of Tybee.

Tybee is Savannah's beach and it's where the movie The Last Song with Miley Cyrus was filmed.

We went there 5 years ago for our 30th anniversary,

so that means this is our 35th year of total wedded bliss!

Now who wouldn't say that when they are being swept away to a warm sandy island?

Of course it's been bliss all the way baby!

We stayed in this Hotel, The Desoto Beach Hotel when we were there before and it was fabulous. Nothing over the top but just perfect and from our beach we can watch the ships/barges coming to and from the Savannah River
We both love that!

Big ole cargo barges that are not very pretty to look at up close look so darned good from a distance as they rise upon the horizon as if out of thin air and get bigger and bigger as they approach the island. Awesome in my book!

I also have to say that our view is the very best God has made for watching the sunrise and sunsets! Breathtaking!

Definately my vacation of choice!

But...... it was his idea this year!

I had quit bugging him about going and when he got in the doghouse one day he decided that we should go back to Tybee!

Sucker, I am!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

She is living my dream........

Once upon a time............. a few years back..........

Ok, I'll start over here. In my 12 years as a nurse I have had several jobs but only one REAL job and that was working for a general surgeon in his office. I have to say it was 5 of the best years of my life! I loved working there. He was/is such a fine surgeon and I was so proud of him. He was soooooooooooo good to me and my family!!! I never thought there would come a time that I would even consider leaving that office until his retirement. However, that time came and it was time to move on, for reasons that were very much out of my control :-(

BUT........ he also has a great family, I was really good friends with his wife who I worked with at the hospital before taking that position in his office, and he has three GORGEOUS children! The middle child, Sarah, is now living in Italy!!! OMG!! I am soooooo jealous of her! Just kidding, I am so happy for her getting to actually live out my dream! She is also getting married in 2 weeks! In Italy! You can find her and her delishiousa blog here. I think you will enjoy!