Sunday, April 26, 2009

Coming soon "Another Wild Hair" cutting and coloring studio

"Another Wild Hair"
How fitting for me. All of you guys who know me will understand the name ;0)
The new salon is very tiny but it is turning out to be a really nice little place. Yes it looks rough on the outside in this picture but it's cleaning up good. I have sooooo many plans for the outside and garden area.
I think this vanity will work for a styling station! My daughter said the gloves were over kill!!

Shampoo area! Do you see the shiny circles on the wall? I had an idea to use a pearl glaze over the white wall in various size circles and they ended up looking like bubbles. I can't decide for sure if I like them. I got the idea from the restroom in my favorite restaraunt. They have lavender walls and dark purple circles and the walls seem to really just open up and the room appears to be sooooo big. I definately need to make my walls open up in this tiny salon.

This antique dresser is chock full of supplies. I will keep my schedule book on the top and have somewhere to be able to write.

I love this veiw!! Really makes the room look big now doesn't it. We have already made plans on how to build on just incase I actually do get any business. I have really gotten a lot of buzz going already. Several neighbors have already promised to be here as soon as I am open for business.
I have 4 more days at my old job and then I am free!!!!!! Danny is working his little patooty off to get this ready by the weekend but I am not sure if I am ready yet!! You see I have to get my house ready for business too because I do not have a bathroom for the clients to use and they will have to go inside.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm coming back home!

Yes you read it correctly, no typo's here hahaha, I am coming home again. No I don't mean commuting my hour home in the late evening city traffic either. I am coming home to stay! I have given my notice 2 weeks ago and have 2 more dreaded weeks to go and then I will be at home. I will have time to hang my clothes out on the line using these great vintage clothespins. (an ebay find for $1.99 WOW! including the old tomato basket) I will carry them to the clothesline in this little clothespin apron that I whipped up a couple weeks ago.
I hope to be able to spend a lot of beautiful weekends doing just this ......... ahh.
We took the boat out 2 weeks ago for it's maiden voyage, did a little fishing. Note to self........6 fishing lines off the side of this boat no more!! Not a bite that day but a lot of fun anyway. The boat is great!!

I also hope to soon finish my little (well not so little) kitchen decorating project. This is one little area that I have finished. I have a ton of enamelware and some more red handled kitchen gadgets to hang as soon as the painting is finished. Whew I have so many things to get done and it is only so many hours in the day.............

So hat's off to my dearest hubby who has allowed me to quit my job again. He is the greatest!
Well not so fast there judgeing me, and envying me cause there is a catch. Of course. I am not completely giving up the work world but switching hats for a spell. I am a licensed cosmotologist and dh is finally finishing my little hair salon that is beside my house. I hope to be able to make some mad money to help pay off our home mortgage. We hope to be debt free in four years. Now wouldn't that be nice. I couldn't even imagine that feeling!!
If I am as disiplined as I was last year while staying at home I will be doing good. I didn't want to spend money at all. That is until I started my shabby white decorating anyway. I HATED to leave the house for anything. I don't think that will be hard to get back into cause I still hate to leave the house, especially at 7 am and not get back home til 6 or 8 pm. YUCK!!
I can't wait for garden time and milking chores again. My Nubian does are really fattening up and have that pregnant glow. LOL! I sure hope they are both in fact pregnant and they will be due around July 13th. Like I said lots of chores coming up but I am so glad to be coming home where I belong!
So I will be back blogging on a regular basis soon. I have missed all of you gals so badly.