Saturday, June 23, 2012

Worlds cutest/happiest baby!

I am SOOO happy! 
 Happy to be in Virginia for a visit!
 Happy to see all my family and friends in one place for a benefit bike ride in honor of my Aunt Leslie! (pics to come)
 I am so happy to learn the news that my daddy got a big promotion at work!
 I am so happy to learn the news that I will be moving back to Virginia!
 Read my says "I am going to be a big sister"...that makes me happy!
 I am happy because my Papa Danny is getting ready to give me a Capri Sun and Sweet Tea, on such a hot day! He didn't know that sugar would make me keep my mommy up all night!
 I am happy to see all the cool motorcycles!
Wait a minute! Did you say I am going to be a big Sister? I won't be the baby any longer?
Whoa Nellie, let me ponder this for a moment!