Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Out here in the country....

it's been crazy busy!

Stylin on the stylin studio.
What ya think about that blue sky?
I love it.

I have been getting some new clients by word of mouth!!


Maybe I will soon have time to get some real advertising done ;-)

Take note of the sign.

It says "weeder wanted".

Let me tell you, a weeder is wanted here!

My flowers have been consumed by weeds this season.

Not enough time in the day to get all the chores finished.

My job away from home is now over and I am on to better things and I am very excited to do so.

Robin and Morgan were here last week.

Can you believe Morgan has her drivers permit?

Man I am getting old!

Little Sister Lillie was here too!

They get the hand above the head while sleeping thing from their Papa Danny!

Miss blue eyes!

She is the sweetest baby ever!!!

We did some cherry picking a couple weeks ago with friends!

The kids had a blast.

Emma at Lovers Leap Mountain Overlook.

My Prince Charming!

Colton and Emma and the beautiful view!

I am back now and I am ready to conquer the world!

My head is chock full of new ideas and inspirations.

I will be busy as a bee trying to get those ideas to fruition, so bear with me.

I will keep you posted.....

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fabric and paintbrushes lead to....

Working my fingers to the bones, painting and decorating, in the cool morning breeze or late afternoon shade.

I had a brilliant idea to make some outdoor curtains to help shield the unwanted sun at certain times of the day. What sort of relaxation can you get if the porch is not climate controlled?
I used a set of king size sheets and they are just perfect for what I needed.
Not sure why I haven't done this a long time ago.
I can't wait til late evening, swinging in the porch swing with a citronella candle burning to keep the mosquitos away....

The ceiling over the porch is going to be painted a sky blue for obvious reasons. Do I need to explain to you? I had to explain it to Danny back last fall when we got started painting all the white. He remembered all this time later! HA!! Funny since he couldn't understand at the time, again he thought me super crazy!

Love this view, but it will be better when the painting is all finished.
Wait til you see my tree porch swing!
If Terri can have the most beautiful chicken coop with a porch, I can have the coolest hair studio with a porch!

I think I would be content to wait in line for a haircut in a nice peaceful garden with the sound of the songbirds and moving water, would you?

BTW, songbirds LOVE country music, it makes them sing louder and louder!!

I am getting rather upset here....

I have been having trouble being able to post comments on all my best blog friends posts for many months now. I have been planning to take time to sit down and try to figure out what is wrong but haven't had the time as of yet. I am able, on occasion to accidently have a comment actually post for me and then I will try on the next post of the same persons blog and nada, it ain't happening! URGH!!!

I know all my besties out there think I have been ignoring them for all this time but I haven't been. I will get this fixed some how some way! Any help will be greatly appreciated.