Thursday, March 19, 2009

I have salesman bred into me I guess!!

My father was a car salesman and I have always thought I could do that too. Now I really think I can. You see, I really really wanted a new bigger boat as you read in an earlier post. The only way my dh would even consider looking at a new boat was for me to sell some of my toys that I already have.
Such as this great popup camper that has hardly been used.
And 'Ole Faithful' our small but great boat that has been a blast for the past 2 summers.

And What do ya know!! I did it. Here it is!

Our new to us that is.....1998 Bayliner Rendevouz deck boat!!!


Yes I sure did it. When dh gave me the ultimatum I jumped on it and posted both items to Craigslist and in 20 minutes....not a typo ....20 minutes later the camper sold and in a few days the boat was sold and picked up in just over a week. The gentleman that bought the boat traveled 5 hours one way for it because he loves classic Checkmate boats and wanted this for he and his family. I really wish him at least half the fun that our family has had on this boat.

So we were able to obtain our new upgraded boat with only a little bit of difference in money. Frugal boat shopping huh??? It is 14 years newer and soooooo much bigger (21 foot) than our other boat. We are both very excited and apprehensive about our maiden voyage with this ship!!! I am sure my skipper will be just fine on the water. We do have to wait a couple weeks for our paperwork to come in from Richmond. The guy who bought ours is in NC and he got his paperwork done the next morning and is ready to hit the water.....NO FAIR..
We have spent a lot of time sitting in it in the driveway though. Stereo turned up, sitting in different seats and we even put the bimimi top up last evening just for effect!!!! We both love it. He is really excited because it is tricked up for fishing with all the boy toys. I guess it is OK that we can't run it yet because I have been so sick with some sort of URI that is getting the best of me. I have had it for about 4 weeks and just finished one round of antibiotics and I am worse today then ever!!

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Don't throw the baby out with the bath water!

Baby wanted!
Well I have been there and done that and I will leave the baby making for others. I am however in love with enamelware and this terrific vintage baby bath tub I found in an antique store this weekend. I found a few other great pieces but this one really strikes a chord in my heart!!!!!
Of course I don't have any babes around to bathe but I have some other plans for this big vessel. Such as laundry or garden goodies. However, women in those days must have been very strong, especially if they could pickup this very heavy pan full of bath water and a baby in which they could throw out!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Need a little humor this morning?

Well I can watch this, and have, watched this at least 50 times and it is still one of the funniest little clips that I have ever seen. I would so be the guy in the car cause I am continuously dodgeing moving things, that aren't really moving towards me while driving down the road. Let me know which one you are the the old lady who thought of a great trick to play on someone or the innocent driver of the yellow car.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Kitchen in progress!

So here's the snow. 12" and up to 4' drifts.
Opps I didn't relize that this one needed to be flipped. Sorry! This is my new shelves in the kitchen. Danny had to put a piece of plywood on the wall to hang the shelves (old house ya know) and so we had some room to hang my castiron pans on the wall too. I love all this new storage!!!

A better shot! See my new Calphalon cookware that I treated myself to a few weeks ago. I love vintage cast iron, enamelware and new calphalon too ;-)

I moved my little hoozier to the kitchen beside my island a couple weeks ago whilst trying to gain some organization and it is working well so far. The pot rack has been hung in 2 other places in the kitchen and he told me today as he was moving it yet again that he wasn't going to move it again!! I love it here. I don't think we will hit our head on the pots now.

The hoozier has the same enamel top that the island does.
I really enjoyed my snowday decorating and cooking. I made a big pot of Vegetable soup, 2 loaves of homemade oatmeal bread, 2 loaves of Amish bread and a chocolate pudding cake. I felt as if I was a housewife again. I have to shake that off tomorrow morning.
I know that most of the country is under snow and I hope that all of you are warm and safe.
God Bless.

I love vintage enamelware!!

Very large pan that could be a dishpan.
Several pieces awaiting their new home.

This is where they are going. I am decorating the top of my cabinets with the enamelware, pip berry garland, a few baskets and maybe some Christmas lights.

My little egg pan! It is like a small dishpan that is perfect for my 12 eggs that I get each day to be washed in. Notice my enamel topper on my kitchen island?

And this one is a larger basin that is perfect for those delicate handwashables like my favorite blouse.
We have been working on the kitchen all weekend. A 4 day weekend for me as we were closed today for the 12" of snow that we have here. The kitchen has a lot of repairs to be done on the drywall since we replaced the foundation under the house and had to jack the house up where it was sagging in the middle therefore cracking the sheetrock in many many places. What a pain in the butt to repair too, around kitchen cabinets etc. I had my dear hubby helping me though. I had to beg cause he doesn't like inside work!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow bound but dreaming of summer

(The pic above is a friend of ours that was neighbor kid who grew up beside us and we ran into him at the lake last summer and pulled him and his son on the tube. The area of the lake behind him where the kids are playing is called Ryan's Branch and we have spent some great summer afternoons playing in the water there most of my and my childrens life. It is about 2 miles from our land.)
Now back to reality!!

We are setting here under about 5" or maybe more of snow and are expecting it to snow thru 11 AM tomorrow. I am not liking this either. You see I live in the boonies and I work an hour away in the town of Blacksburg Va where the roads are always cleared early. The roads out my way, at least half of my commute in are always covered until the last thing. So I am expected to be at work no matter what kind of weather we have here. Most all the rest of the staff live close by the office and can be there no matter what. I am praying that they will close the office tomorrow so I won't be in trouble.

I know that winter is almost over even though it doesn't look that way. (I am sitting here listening to the sleet beat down on my metal roof as I type.) DH and I took in the Roanoke Valley Boat Show yesterday along with some friends. The troubled economy was evident at the show too. The amount of vendors were about half as many as last year and the crowd was very slim, of course it was raining buckets of nearly frozen precipt all day. It is hard to get in to boating with frigid nasty weather.

I was into it though. It is in my blood I guess, being raised in a boating family. DH however loves to boat and fish and look at the new boats but boy that is it. He draws the line at purchasing a new/newer boat. He would really like to have a bigger boat for all the family to be able to ride together (instead of looking like a refugee boat loaded down ;-) but I think he is waiting for someone to give it to us. I found a great deck boat on Craigslist and at first he was OK with calling about it and as the day went on he started talking about his usual thing that he brings up when ever I want to spend any money........the undercarraige for his bulldozer needs to be replaced. I have heard this so many times that I am sick of it. Enough already.

You see I am not that much of a spendthrift that I would not allow him to spend the $12,000.00 + on this because that would be obsurd. You see he brings this up to make me feel guilty and change my mind about the purchase that I am wanting to make and agree that he should just go ahead and get this taken care of........then in about a week or two we are talking and he says that he doesn't feel that it will cost him 12K that he can do it cheaper and then in another week he says it doesn't need to be done for a long time......3 weeks he says "Well I am not using it that much anyway so it will last forever the way it is." Why does he do this to me?? I guess I will will just have to go find the boat that I want purchase it and bring it home and show him. I told him today that was my plan so he will be wondering when he will come home to a newer pontoon or deck boat. That's OK I can play mind games too!!!!