Saturday, October 30, 2010

My dream is coming true.....

this is just a sneak preview!
I have a lot of staging to do and I'll be back!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I do I do!
I do appologize for not drawing a winner out of a hat as of yet for the table runner.
I told you it would have been drawn yesterday but I need to explain a few thousand things that have been going on in my life for a few days now, then maybe you will all understand the delay.
I hope so anyway.
That's OK if you don't, because you guys are the ones who have a chance on winning something, not me!
I think I will just drag this out for a couple more days and leave you all in suspense!!!
I think I will explain first........
Do you guys remember my best lain plans that were to come down this weekend around my home? You know it involved white paint and a huge sander?
Well...........the goods are down.....there is white all over my house right now. There is also a chaotic disaster in the rest of my house. I have an entire kitchen in my living room right now. Well not all of it is in there cause all of my pots and small appliances are in my bedroom. To say that it is a chaotic mess is putting it mildly! Very mildly!
I still have a dab of painting to do tomorrow, if all goes well and hopefully the puzzle will be back together by bedtime tomorrow night.
On top of all of this chaos.....drum roll please.........
my STUPID SHINGLES started rearing their ugly heads with a vengence last night.
I had gotten soooo much better but then the fatigue hit me Friday afternoon and I still moved appliances and watched as he sanded and sanded and sanded and sanded some more, then I crashed, out like a light. He made me get up early on Saturday to start painting thru the pain and I did so reluctantly. Of course I did not feel like packing our bags to go to The Fairy's Rest between coats of paint as we had planned, so we had to paint the floor leaving a path to the restroom, hence the need to finish a strip of paint tomorrow. I did not have it in me today to paint at all.
I did get a tad of dust cleaned from all the tiny surfaces in the kitchen.....there is still enough in the rest of the house to strangle a herd of cattle.
I can surely bet money that it will still be there when I feel better and can get around to cleaning it all up too!
Oh yeah and we were much later getting started on the sanding because I was asked to work Friday and I did. However, they did give me tomorrow off! I am so glad of that too!!
My kitchen floor is looking really good though!!!
We are not 100% sure that we are in love with the paint as of yet but we feel that for the most part it is way better than the last choice.
The problem is that it only has a satin finish and we both decided that we would rather have a high gloss or semi gloss finish. The floor paint that we used is supposed to be very durable so we have decided that we will need to wax it. I know, way too much work but I feel that is the only way we will achieve success with our painted floors.
I just won a used floor polisher for $40 on ebay and I am sure it will get some use on these floors. I have not waxed and buffed a floor for about 28 years!! That should really be a treat!
I will post some pictures of the new white floors as soon as the mess is sorta put back together!
Now do you understand why I have not had it in me to write down all the names and put them in a hat or a bowl or anywhere else and ask my dear husband to draw one out?
I will not make any promises as to which day I will anounce the winner but I will try to do it asap!! I wouldn't want to wait either, you all know that I am very impatient!!
Once again, I am sorry for the delay! To make it up to you guys
I am going to up the prize to include a 1st place which is the table runner and a 2nd place which will be a surprise and will be announced on the day that I draw!
Hang on, I'll be back soon!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Putting up pumpkins and giveaway reminder......

(photo borrowed from Flickr)
Now I know that all you guys really thought I had this really great display going on out on my front porch but it's not mine. Mine looks way better!! NOT!!
My husband has some sorta phobia about me buying pumpkins for display purposes.
Says that there is no reason to buy a pumpkin that is not going to be carved into a jackolantern
or not to be cooked.
Says something about the fact that they will just sit there and rot away to a slimy mess and then we..ahem..he has to clean them up in the winter time and he is not happy with that task.
For the record I have never asked him to clean one of those shriveled little pumpkin faces up in the winter!!
Funny how I have had this conversation with other women and they all say the same thing about their husbands fussing about the same thing!!! Hahaha It's a girl thing I guess!
However he has won this know I have to pick my battles with him and he has to win every now and again!! ;-)))
So I have resorted to cooking all my pumpkins that come onto this farm.
I reluctantly made my way to the grocery store yesterday, due to almost starvation, and stopped by the little road side produce stand between here and there. Instead of picking out one of those beautiful round orange globes that everyone else was sizing up and comparing, I went over to the ugly pumpkin bin.
The ugly, but oh so beautiful in my book, pie pumpkin bin!!
I bought 2 of those beautiful light orangey colored, far from round beauties just like the one shown above, behind the warty one and kissing the neck of the white one!!
While watching the Major League Baseball playoffs last night I roasted them in the oven, let them cool and scooped out all that flesh. I also had another small "pie pumpkin" that a neighbor gave me. I ended up with a huge bowl of yellow goodness.
Can't you just smell all the pumpkin cakes and pies and cookies and and and....
I had major plans last evening of making a small batch of Pumpkin Butter and canning it until I got on here and read this post
that is on Food In Jars blog about why Pumpkin Butter can't be canned any longer.
Now why doesn't our government just stop bursting my little bubbles???
I guess I will just stick all this pumpkin in the freezer like I usually do and enjoy it for a couple years just like I did the last batch. I froze a huge pumpkin in 2008 and just enjoyed a Pumpkin Cake the other day and it was wonderfullllll. I am not a huge fan of Pumpkin Butter anyway but I was craving it. As I am craving any fall food right now!
The Roasted Acorn Squash was wonderful that we had last night for our dessert during the game but it just left me wanting something more!!!
I am thinking a Pumpkin Pie today with homemade pie crust. I struggled for my whole life with pie crusts but I am getting better with them. I am sure that I will never top Leslie's Apple Pie that Danny was lucky enough to enjoy a couple days ago and he hasn't stopped talking about since. I will see how my pumpkin pie compares to hers in his book!!
She is an awesome cook especially desserts!
She learned how to cook from me!!!
I am a little uneasy right now.............I have been suffering with ups and downs from this crazy crazy bout of shingles!! Talk about a roller coaster ride......I feel good, I feel bad, bad, good, bad, bad, good, good, go to the grocery store BAM before I get out of car feel bad and worse and then so good that I am so pumped and can't go to sleep til 3AM, then I don't want to get up and then I have a head ache due to my circadian rhythm being out a whack, feel bad again!
I have to go back to work tomorrow too.
I will not take any meds tomorrow while I have to work!
I will not I will not, No Mam Mrs Dr Woman I will not take those crazy mess with your mind meds and go to work trying to take care of people!
I will start back on them tomorrow evening after work and finish my course but not during the day!! OK!!!
Now I have to get up and get something done....even though it is raining outside and I just want to go back to bed........ I can't do that cause I have to get some sleep tonight.
haha The sun just popped out oh so bright!! Thank You Lord! Maybe this will be a good day anyway!
Tell your friends about it on your blog and I will give you 2 chances to win!!
Please leave me a comment saying that you posted about my giveaway on your blog so I won't miss you! The drawing will be this weekend when I can get the Birthday Boy settled down enough to draw a name from a hat!!
ps. why does my blog post bunch together like one big paragraph? I ain't got much learnin's but I got enough to know how ta compose a blog post divided in paragraphs! I have them seperated by several spaces and when I post them they will either be bunched into one or have several inches of space between them. HELP!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Right on schedule....

I am seriously going to get this painting project finished in a couple weekends time!
(kitchen and living room floors)
I spent a lot of time online yesterday researching white painted wood floors and a large percentage of the folks, who would tell you how they got their great look, used this paint.
I have to say that I have never used Benjamin Moore paints and I found out why yesterday also. There are no dealers close by. Well I found a decorating specialty store that carries BM paints in Blacksburg that wasn't too far away.
They were super nice too!
They have already ordered my paints for me that will be in today.
I also put my order in at the rental company for a drum floor sander and an edger.
I sure hope Danny has fun with those two pieces of equipment!!!!!
The paint specialist told me that was the right choice for my project and that I do not need to put poly over this paint!! Those folks online did not either!
This paint dries in eight hours and that will speed up the process for us too!
I will pick up the sanders on Friday afternoon and let the fun begin when he gets home!!
Now......heres a little glitch in the plans......last night he got a phone call from a guy that he does some excavating work for every now and again. He said he has a nice job that is right over the hill from us and Danny can not refuse a job in this economy!!!
So we will try to get the sanding done on Friday and maybe we can get the first coat on before bedtime. Then the next morning I will get the second coat on and then leave for the day while he is working. There is another little problem with this.......this room is in between my bedroom and both bathrooms! There will be no midnight bathroom breaks with a wet floor!!
That could be a disaster!!
I had a really good morning yesterday
(the afternoon I crashed and barely remember much of it :-)
I made a lot of plans for other little decorating things
around these 2 rooms.
I ordered roller shades for ALL my windows last night.
Well 11 of them!
I decided against shades for the kitchen window and my bedroom windows.
both of these rooms are on the back of the house and I really don't need them there anyway.
I am so sure that Danny will just turn double flips in the air when these shades arrive and he has to hang them for me!!!!!!! I can just hear him now, all that excitement will be really hard for him to contain!!!
My house has super huge windows and they are so hard to cover with any window treatments. I have been thru all the choices except roller shades and I have not been happy with anything as of yet. I need privacy at times and I need sun shade at times and other times I just want the windows to be wide open and let in all the light that they can so I have to go with roller shades. The problem has been that for a custom made (all the windows are their own size made to fit the remodel) roller shade big enough for these windows they are way tooooooo costly.
I found them last week at on sale for really cheap. I had a lot of planning and measuring to do and I was afraid that by the time I got around to ordering them they would be sold out or the sale would be off. I was wrong they had all 11 of them in stock, even my cockeyed sizes and they are to be shipped out today!
Please don't tell Danny, I really want it to be a surprise!!
I got nice roller shades for 11 windows for just over $200
but I saved almost $300 with the sale!!
I hope I like them as good as the 94 people who gave them great reviews!
Now I hope to get started on the valances out of a nice red and biege toile fabric that has been sitting there patiently waiting for me for a few months.
You all know how much I like toile fabric!

Monday, October 18, 2010

I am on a mission...

Hahaha I know, I know, I know you have all heard that little song and dance before, but this time, the Good Lord willing, I will achieve my goal! If he keeps me healthy, I know I am in recuperation from a disease and on a lot of medications at the moment but this too shall pass and I am thinking clearly now. OK? Ok!

Are you guys aware that it is only 68 more days til Christmas Day? Holy Mint Green Vespas!!
(I have always wanted a mint green vespa and that's exactly what I would look like on one too)
How did that happen? What have I been doing for the past however many days, don't make me count them because I will be depressed and go back to bed or go eat some gooey sweet concoction and get more depressed. Seems like they move Christmas up every year, closer and closer they are coming, at least at my house they are. Grant you I do love Christmas but I am never ready for it. I was barely ready for it for the past two years when I was a stay at home wife, let alone when I am a bacon-bringer-in! So I have got to get ready for this one, this one is special because it is the only one I will have at this age and at this stage of life, so it's got to be a big one! hahaha

My goal is to make all three of my grandkids a quilt for Christmas this year. OMG did I just put that in writing? For everyone to see? Did I really? Oh Lord please help me, I am hallucinating!

That is only part of the equation........... are you sitting down? Well sit down or you will be falling in the floor laughing you patooty off at me with this one now.......

Do you remember my white painted floors? Do you remember that I painted ALL of that myself? Do you remember that I did it in the dead of winter with 30+ inches of snow on the ground....Oh Dear Lord please no 30+ inches of snow this year, Please! Do you remember that I used a $46ish a gallon sealer for high traffic areas on my new white painted floor? Wellllllll........ Crapola, that was a HUGE MISTAKE!!! We LOVE the white floors! But the protective coating was a disaster. I can't even describe how wrong that was. The floor is showing every roller mark from the sealer, kinda yellowish brown color that is NOT dirt, let me clarify that my floors are filthy most of the time but even after some serious elbow grease they will never look good. This just breaks my heart too. I worked SOOOO hard on these floors too. :-{ They are so bad and they keep getting worse with time, can't explain that one either. Danny even mentioned how he hates it now and really questioned what I used.......blahahahaha .........Like he even knows the difference in flat and semi-gloss paint or a roller and a brush??? hahaha he hates to paint but he doesn't mind watching me! He said "We have got to do something about these floors!" Now girls they have got to be pretty bad if notices them. Trust me. He never notices anything that I do around here, what I wear or anything! OK?

So after a long lengthy discussion and an extremely pitiful begging spell from me for new hardwood, preferably cherry floors, "WE" decided to repaint them white! OMG!!!! Here I go again. Only this time he will be right by my side! Roller in hand too! We are planning to sand the surface down and repaint them and then cover it with regular polyurethane like I did my living room floors almost 8 years ago. They have held up very well but are now starting to show a lot of wear and we will paint them white too!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!

This painting....if all goes well with my little shingle episode...will begin on Friday and we will get the paint down and then put a coat of poly on and go stay at the Fairy's Rest for the night so as not to be in the fumes and risk having to walk on them. We will then drive back in the morning and slap another coat on them, leave for the day and back for another that night etc etcetcetc....til they are finished!! Sounds like a plan doesn't it???

Well this means that I will have to have new curtains for the living room and dining room, new throw pillows, a new table runner and maybe some chair pads for the dining room and and and.....

What am I doing on here wasting my time away???? I can at least make curtains and table runners and pillows this week while I am convalescing, right? Then I will take quilt materials to the Fairy's rest with me this weekend and while he is spending his birthday weekend hunting with Jesse, I can make quilt tops for the kids. No sweat!!!! Wish me luck again!!!

(the discoloring of the floors is not the typical yellowing that poly urethane will do either, it is just Yucky. That's the only way to describe it!)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall in SW Va

I let my wonderful husband talk me out of sitting around the house again today throwing my own little pitty parties and go with him to my parents house to pick up the wood splitter. My dad and Danny co-own the splitter and my dad used it for all his firewood back in the summer when it was so burning hot outside but Danny likes to use it when it is cool enough not to die with a heat stroke. I thought fast and grabbed my camera, I had a major pity party yesterday because I just knew that I would miss the changing leaves due to my illness that I no longer want to talk about ;-)
We had to stop at our local store for gas and I got this one of the church across the road.
We left my parents house and took the Blueridge Parkway home.
We are so fortunate to have this beautiful road that winds thru our county on the way thru the Blueridge Mountains!
We are also very fortunate to have the changing of the leaves that we get to witness every year.
Of course this is no Vermont, Robin!
Robin and Eric are in Vermont and Montreal Canada for the week. I have already received texts and facebook messages that she wants to move up there because of the beauty. I guess she will have better pictures than I do but I beat her to it anyway!
This is one of the overlooks on the parkway, the only one he would stop for.
Most of my pictures are from a moving truck and thru the windshield.
This overlooks Patrick County, home of The Fairy's Rest.
Behind us is the direction of our home.

People were stopped all along the side of the road for picnics today.
We used to do that every year but I guess we are too old for that anymore????
I love where these guys decided to stop along side the hay bales.
I am sure they had some good photos too!

I love this time of the year on the parkway.

This Buffalo Mountain. You can see it from almost anywhere in our county!
I plan to hike it one day.
The leaves have turned really pretty colors West of the Blueridge Parkway, which is shown in this picture and this is my side of the parkway too.
I also have a beautiful drive to work each day too.


I have no idea who lives in this house but it was such a beautiful place that I just couldn't help myself. I could so live here. Couldn't you just see my Nubians out there on the hillside? That's my tractor up there. Fishing in that pond? The house looks all country and cozy.
Ahhhhhh a girl can dream now can't she?
The worst part of this dreaming is that Danny and I looked at the property across the road and almost bought it before we bought our place. That land was so flat, ours is so steep. It had a creek running right thru the middle of it, ours does have a spring. It had a PERFECT pondsite, our pond was barely able to be a pond. It had a riding ring, ours doesn't have a flat area big enough for a riding ring. It had a huge barn, ours...well you all know that story. It was 6 acres of flat pasture, ours 2 3/4 acres of steep billy goat pasture.
Now think about that for a while country gals..............

This is overlooking The Fairy's Rest!!
Can you see it?

My winter painting project?

Now this is the view from my front yard!
You do have to walk across the road to see it because of the neighbors fence line being overgrown with bushes. It is lovely over there!
See the Buffalo Mountain?
This is the opposite side of it, from the previos pictures.

My Buckeyes were really enjoying the beautiful fall day too!
I came home with another pair of banties from my dads today.
They are tiny little gray speckled beauties right now but who knows what they will look like when they are grown.
It was really nice to get out today and have a low key ride around the mountains and take in all the beauty that surrounds us.
Hope you enjoyed your little tour thru my county!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I have seen it all now.....

I just stumbled over a great new blog that is too cool to not share with all my blogging friends! This is so way beyond cool. This lady is going places with all her talent!! I have a new grandaughter on the way and I sure hope her mother can build up an imagination and capture her daughters dreams on film. Go on over here and see what I am talking about. WOW!!!!!

I am doing OK today, so far, I do have a lot of new breakout but I was expecting more so it was a treat not to be any worse yet. Thank You Lord for inventing the Lidicaine Patch!! I had such a nice and peaceful rest last night!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Well bless my little heart......

I have to bless it myself cause no one else will.....teh hee. I have had a terrible week since Sunday morning. Got up and had this burning raw extremely odd skin deep pain on my right upper abdomen. I MEAN EXTREME if someone took a dull razor blade and scraped all my hide off. It went around under my arm to my center back. Are you following me here? All you medical folks out there are probably right on the same page as I was on Sunday, doing the self diagnosis of "Shingles", right?

Well being a nurse in an office I knew I was covered by Dr's and other nurses who could confirm my suspicions. However the typical shingles rash with the watery papules were not there. I took mega doses of over the counter analgesics with very little relief from the pain. Worked Monday and Tuesday as scheduled but the pain was horrible. Still no rash. So onto the world wide web for some research. What do ya know.....the biggest reason for "skin pain" is sarcoidosis! Oh no! I did not need another terrible symptom of sarcoidosis. The inability to breathe is enough isn't it?

I already had an appointment with a new family Dr scheduled for Wednesday so surely I could wait til then to discuss this pain. With shingles most all the time it is only on one side of your body. Tuesday evening the pain was going down my left side. So of course this was sarcoidosis.
I told the new Dr about what was going on and she agreed with that diagnosis, and it would just be something else to live with.

Then 2 days later.......I woke up this morning with the shingles rash that followed the same pathway as the extreme pain did!!!! Great!! Well actually this is a good thing cause
shingles will be treated and leave,eventually, I hope!!! If it was sarcoidosis I would always have problems with the pain. I don't think I could stand very many weeks like this one. I have a slew of medications to take and a nice 6 day break from work since this is contagious. I can not use my arms enough to quilt with my new quilting apparatus but I can sure get some piecing done while I am recouping!!!

So that's what's going on in my world. What's going on in yours? I will have time to do some way overdue blogging too!!! God Bless you all!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Quilting Frame......

Here it is!! Yay!!
He is finished with constructing it but we now have to get it into the house.
They are 12' long and are built in 2 pieces...pretty smart huh?
At least we can move them in sections.
How about that great storage shelf he added underneath??
They are soooo loooooonnnngggggggg!
The tracks are one continuous board so as not to have any bumps while moving the machine along the tracks. They will be screwed in place once we set everything up exactly where I want it.

We used most of the Handi Quilter frame that I already had.

These end pieces will be adjustable with some bolts with wing nuts.
I will be able to quilt up to a king size quilt on them.
All I have to do is sand them down really good and then get them put up tomorrow evening.
I can't wait to actually use them!!
He did such a good job!!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Jelly Roll quilt....

I have to get ready for my new frames!
Danny is doing such a great job on them, he is really into this project for some reason?!?!
Is it to get me quilting and let him hunt as much as he wants to????
Yep! That will work Honey!
Of course I already have a stash of pieced tops awaiting quilting but I just couldn't help myself and start another one today. I got this idea from Natalie, The Hideaway Girl....if you haven't been to her blog you should go. She has the most amazing pictures EVER!! I told Danny I was going out to the west coast soon!! He laughed at me, again!
I am using a Batik Jelly Roll that I got at Joanne fabrics for a steal last year. I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to do with it til I saw hers and this fabric is perfect. You use a 2 1/2" Jelly roll strip and alternate rows with a 1 1/2" solid, I am using an off white cotton. You just go around and around with a long strip of pieces sewn together end to end. Easy Peasy!
Now I have a dilemma....again........ I need another sewing machine!
I am so dagum in love with this Juki that I don't want to give it up and put it in the frames to quilt with it. I know it will be wonderful for the frames but I love piecing on it. I don't know what I like the best about it either....probably the heavy duty-ness.........or
the thread cutter? Or the throat space? Not sure but I think it is a dream package for a quilter/piecer.
Do you think if I sell a couple more machines that he will let me buy another one?
After all I do work hard for my money!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My closet!!

Well gals here it is!
I know that all of you were just dying to see my closet!! hahaha
I have to say that blogging about something that you are getting ready to do helps hold you accountable to actually get it done!
Everything is so clean and organized in there right now.
I know it looks like chaos to you but you have to remember that I only have 2 closets in my whole house, this walk-in and one more smallllllllll bedroom closet that is actually in our office. The one in the office shares space with the heatpump cold air return so it's only a half closet.
This red chest holds my sheets and pillowcases. The mirror has been in the garage until I got the closet ready for it. I will be painting all the furniture white soon.
It will be really nice to finally have a full length mirror in my house!
(It is a LOT bigger than the picture makes it look)
Maybe I will look better when I leave home now?!?!?!
I did not get a really good picture of the closet from the bedroom because I would be showing in the mirror and you did NOT want to see me today! Me in sweats is not a pretty sight!!!!
These wire shelves work pretty good to hold accessories such as scarves and belts.
Look at all my jeans....I didn't know I had so many pair til I organized a little.

Can a girl ever really have too many handbags?
Of course not. I purged a few just in case!

This is my DRESSY corner of the closet, (other than Danny's robe that he wears out to the hot tub) you can tell that I don't get dressed up very much by the small amount of clothes there! The sweater organizer hanging here houses some sweaters and the rest are our swimsuits.

(jewelry, my socks are now in the hatbox, clever huh?)
Danny's clothes are in the dresser and about 6" of a closet rod is all I can share with him!
Not really, he has his suits stored in the office closet to keep them dust free. I did not want a door on this closet because most closet doors are either left open anyway or the closet is so messy that you don't want anyone to see in there and keep stuffing it full of more stuff.
I felt that this way I would keep it cleaner if anyone could see in there. Hahaha that didn't really work! Well the bedroom actually is messier than my closet!
After cleaning this I have some new found space for more shoes!!
Of course I have purged about 87 pair today!
I have a truck load of stuff for the Goodwill.

I can even add to my Dansko collection now!
Do you think he would notice a few more boxes?
I still have a lot more to do such as cleaning out my dresser in the bedroom and purging more from there. I will move the bedroom around a little to fit the quilting frames in there. I guess I will go ahead and make a silk curtain for my closet door to keep some of the dust from the quilting....(from the batting)...from settling on my clothes.
After all every Princess should have a silk drape as her closet door! Right?
Whew.... I am tired now!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I am inspired........

With this new job of mine, that I really really love, I am making so much money that I can't even figure out where to spend it all!!
That's a little white lie, I have it spent in so many different places that it would make your head spin if I told you ALL of my ideas!!
A chunk of my very first paycheck went to Lowes for the supplies for my dearest spouse to build me a new table/frames for my new quilting machine!!!! Woot Woot!!
We both sat down with my Handi Quilter, Youtube videos and my king size mattress and designed the perfect table to accommodate a king size quilt!!
The only problem is.....where in the world could I put a 12 foot long quilting frame??
I really begged for a new room but he laughed at me, he also laughed a while back when I told him they were going in my bedroom!
Well guess what girls, they are going in my bedroom after all.
It is the biggest room in the house besides the living room and he really frowned upon a quilting frame being between him and his TV!!
So as he is working on the frames, I am cleaning and rearranging the bedroom making room for them. This all led to cleaning and organizing my walk-in-closet too.
I never got around to showing you all my closet because it has been sorta topsy turvy for a while.
My bedroom was an addition that we added on about 3 years ago and turned one old bedroom into a walk-in and a small hallway. This is my very first ever real closet in my entire life!!!!
When I moved in there I told Danny that I felt like a Princess!!
I had/have room for furniture in there!!
I have a dresser for Danny's clothes and I had a dresser vanity in there for my jewelry and such with a nice mirror on it but I moved it into the hair studio. I have been sorta on the look out for another highboy type dresser but haven't found the right one yet........but I now have a steady paycheck, hmmmm??? LOL!
I will post pics as soon as I get the closet finished, I am purging and revamping it trying to get the excitement back that I had 3 years ago when I first moved in it!!!

This teensy tiny little picture was borrowed from Flickr and depicts what I really want my closet to look like! (maybe you can click to enlarge)
I have the white walls and cherry wood floors. I need to paint the furniture white and get me a cool chair in there and some stars on the wall and I will have it!! hahaha almost!

I dream of having my closet stuffed with Anthropologie clothes such as this sweater, in a size 6, that fits!
Lots and lots and lots of cool shoes such as these sassy black numbers from Anthro too!
They are only $460 or something like that!
Maybe some Frye boots?
Some more Danskos to add to my collection that I already have?
How about a chest full of Sabika Jewelry?
All the other nurses at work are now adorned daily with this jewelry that matches every scrub that they own. I am way behind them and I have a lot of catching up to do......well there are a few ideas of how to spend my paychecks right? As if I needed any help!!!!
Back to the purging and dusting!
Don't forget about my giveaway!!