Saturday, July 16, 2011

A change is coming.....

i have to talk fast so here goes......i am now a new me ...i know you are saying to yourself that you have heard all of this before but haha the jokes on you this time and i will prove it to you.... i am on the pursuit of happiness and i am well into finding it here at home, in my new business, in my garden, in my sewing room, on canvas, by the fish pond, in my new career as a mary kay consultant, as the person who i want to be!!!

i have posted a zillion pics for you to enjoy or skip over what ever you chose to do but they are what keeps me going and what has been keeping me hopping for several weeks now. this is only the begining of the pile so get ready for me to get back on a blogging schedule soon ;-) I will be back because this blog is a very important part of my life and becky wants to be happy....right?

the grandkids spent 4 days with us a couple weeks ago when danny was on vacation and we got so much done.
Emma as it turns out is quite the gardener and i will post those pics soon. colton is now a brick mason.......

weeds b gone just like magic........

danny is the number one veggie gardener this year and it is looking quite fabulous despite the late late season due to cold rainy weeds here either

nice straight rows martha stewart style

lots of changes here with splitting and moving overgrown and over shadowed plants. leslie and travis put in a huge perrineal bed and some hardscaping the same week as travis was on vacation too......i had the little helpers for four days tho....hahaha sorry mom, so i did share a few plants with her and there are more to be sent her way

mulch hauled by the backhoe buckets....better than by wheelbarrow, right?

still more to be placed

colton and emma helped me build this brick pathway thru the garden. this is the path that we used for several years to walk to the mailbox, we moved the mailbox and had let the path grow over but it was really missed......just like nature intended there to be an opening of passage thru there. i am so happy with this, they did such a great job. i bought them 5 movies, let them have gallons of icy slusshy diet coke (their new fav and it was 90+ degrees everyday) swims in the pond and hottub breaks, and i fed them good too including weinie roasts at night and smores. they didn't want to go i am afraid they won't come back.

my lilly is beautiful this season even though it is almost suffocated with other plants

painted the facade only on the hottub room for now....will finish it this fall. looks so much better don't ya think?

still a work in progress. the red rose is the "Love" rose that i planted last summer and she loves it here. she can put out the blooms over and over.....wish i had a whole garden of them..humm?

view from the hair studio

propagating boxwoods for more hedge


the view from the porch of the hair studio

from the hair studio....this massive butterfly bush is a massive thorn in danny's side but he said i can let it bloom and then hack it back to a controllable size......:-(

now......miss robin is the hydrangea queen in atlanta, being the president of the garden club and all, and she has instilled the hydrangea fever on me big time. i am such a pushover. i have planted a Penny Mac on either side of the washer and a Mini Penny in front of the barn. i also have a Lady In Red in the front garden and 2 more to get planted as soon as the rain stops today. i can't wait for them to bloom!!!

my $1 goodwill chair that i re-rescued from the woodstove this winter.....omg i have to watch him like a hawk....

yesterday i aired my quilts on the back deck and then i dragged all my stuff out there and started quilting the old consigment store crazy quilt top that you see in my header pic and my previous that was very therapeutic!! just what my soul needed, a 70 degree overcast day, quilting while the birds sang and overlooking the veggie garden......i love my new life!

i also needed a new sewing room...hahaha i have sewing in every room of the house and now i am using the deck?

i love my potting porch too.

i will be back with more soon.

there are several new sewing/quilting projects that are completed that i think are blog worthy.

have a great day friends.

Friday, July 15, 2011