Sunday, September 28, 2008

I miss you guys

I really do. I have been so busy that I have neglected my blogging buddies. I have also neglected other things such as my house, my farm, my husband......etc....etc.... but we won't go there ;o)

I am really liking my job now. It is really a lot to learn. The computer is not hard at all but one of those things where you have no clue where to go until the right time comes and then someone has to show you and then you really get it cause it is really user friendly to a point. Have I really confused you yet? The electronic medical records are what I am talking about. You don't use certain templates until you have that type of patient present to the clinic. Anywho It is falling into place and is a great place to work.

I still wish I could stay at home but the way the world is today I am fortunate to have a really good job. I am trying to convince myself of that anyway. hehehe

A really good job that helps me feed my habit of antiquing that is. I went to my favorite antique store today, Vintage Rose Antiques, and purchased some real goodies. An antique china cupboard for the dollhouse, a chenille bedspread, chenille shower curtain (too cool), a couple matching rose plates and an antique double size metal ice tray (we don't have an ice maker in the dollhouse fridge). I'll get some pics real soon I hope. Of course she had sooooooo many things that I need. Yes that I NEED!!!!! Good thing I love my job!!!

I had a wonderful time yesterday with my girls out shopping for fabric and of course we had to hit our favorite Mexican restaraunt for lunch. I really love spending time with them. We have so much fun together and our sides and heads always hurt after a day together from all the is worth it though. GOOD THERAPY!!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hopping right along!!

Well it's been three full days at the new job. I really like it so far. The job isn't hard at all but it is different. The entire office is computerized and that's not new to me but the system is and I am getting the jist but not quite there yet.

I really like the people that I work with. One of the nurses and I used to work together in the ER but I didn't know that she was at this office til I started there. The other nurse worked at the ER right before I went there. So I feel like I am following them around town!! Great bunch of front office staff too. They are all really young and really make me feel old!!!! They have such drama in their lives that seems so traumatic to them at this young age and it is right funny to sit back and watch. Boy if only they knew............ teh hee

I have done really really good with the transition of going back to work. I really hope I don't get bored until I am out of debt though.

I have worked the past three days on zero sleep too. Danny and I got into a patch of chiggers on Sunday afternoon clearing our land and OMG are they itching. I have taken everything in site put any and everything on them and it is only a temporary relief from the intense itching. The new Dr that I work for didn't have anything new to had except the tincture of time!! I am really expecting to sleep tonight. Please!!!

I will keep you posted and post pictures when I get back to work on my decorating. I have a lot of unfinished business!!!!!

Hugs to all and a goodnight wish!!


Monday, September 8, 2008

Had to dust off my old nursing cap!!

Well here I go again! Back in the working world as of tomorrow morning at 8:30. I finally got the call that took me weeks to recieve. I had given up on this position and then out of the blue my phone rings.
I really wanted this position because if I have to go back to work, I do not want to be working weekends. This position is Mon- Fri and mostly Mon- Thurs in a DR's office so I will have my weekend free to play at the lake in my little dollhouse.
It is really going to hurt going back to work. I have been so spoiled for several months now. No I didn't sleep in. I did not take long afternoon naps, maybe a tiny cat nap occasionally but rarely. No I did not shop all day, as you can read in previous post I actually became a homebody. I did however become a housewife for the first time in my 32 year marriage. I was too young to know how the last time that I was not working and once I started working I didn't go without a job more than a day or two until this little break that I have had.
If you looked at my house right now you would laugh at the above statement about me being a housewife now too!!! You also will really have to look around and think about what I have done with my time for all these months. Danny and I know what I have done though!! Lots of painting, started lots of new projects that aren't finished, lots of cooking, lots of cleaning (at times), and a whole lot of what ever anyone had for me to do and what I wanted to do!! I can honestly say that this has by far been my favorite summer ever!! I have had more fun with Danny and the girls and grandpunks than I could have ever imagined prior to quiting work. (here come the tears)
I did learn how to make homemade bread. I never really mastered homemade cinnamon rolls though. LOL I learned from Sage how to make out a cleaning schedule to keep my house clean, that I will be utilizing starting next week. Most of all believe it or not I learned how to save money and to manage it. We did so much better when I took over all the money management, only because I had time to do it and if we didn't make ends meet I would have to find a job.
Of course I just told you that I start work tomorrow but it is to pay for our home near the lake. I plan to have it paid off in 10 months or less and then put every penny we can scrounge up on our home mortgage and pay it off in a couple years or less, buy a pontoon boat and quit work again. Don't let my new employer see this OK ;O) hehehe
If we continue the way we have been with money it is a very feasible plan. Maybe at that time Danny can realize that he doesn't have to work two jobs either!! He has always worked a fulltime job and had his business on the side and will probably have a very hard time deciding which one he wants to give up when that time comes. He is truely a workaholic. He did like having me at home but it will be for the best to get this second home/vacation/weekend home paid for and all the work done while we are still young enough to enjoy it, right?
I do not plan to hang up my blogging hat now but it may start to collect dust every now and again. Especially with our weekends being filled to the brim at the dollhouse. I bet he would throw up he heard me call it the "Dollhouse". hahaha
So everyone please pray for me and wish me luck as I go back out into that crazy old world out there!!!
Hugs to all my blogging friends!!!
{{{{I posted this and the song that popped up on my blog was Kid Rock's "All Summer Long". I broke down in tears. Ya know I was really fortunate to have the entire summer at home though. I have to suck it up and go to work tomorrow with my chin held high and no tears and work really hard so that I can have many more entire summers at home!! }}}}

Monday, September 1, 2008

Let the games begin!

Well now the object of the game is to get this home moved to the next county over!! After the nice little family that are living there move out anyway!! This was a drive by shot and I was also the driver! Pretty good huh?
Finally the machine has a newly repaired engine as of this morning and it is on it's way to my land to start clearing it!! YES!!!
The first little piece of underbrush is moved. It doesn't take much to make me happy.
giggle giggle.....

This boy thinks he's hot stuff with his big ole toys. Yep, I am sure his life would be so much easier if he just accidentaly pushed me into a brush pile ;o)
Maybe he is hot stuff. I am surely liking this place more and more. The driveway will cut around toward to the left and the home will be secluded by a lot of big trees, ya know a "private retreat" is what we are after.

It was 11 Am before we got the dozer to the land and we left at 6 PM with a pile of land cleared and the driveway roughed in. We will be back on Saturday to try and finish so we can move the mobile home in when it is ready. I am sooooo excited. It is really looking great. Pictures really don't capture the lay of the land and the beauty but it is really looking good.

Ok Enough of the boring construction shots right?