Thursday, January 3, 2013

How did it happen, you ask?

 I have drooled over this little Dream Home of mine for a couple weeks now, and you all know how I love campers and could so live in one in my mind, but I must put him away today for yet another year. However, as of lately I have felt as if I was living in a tiny house or a tiny camper! I have accumulated so much junque....yes "Junque" is a way nicer description of it than my husband gives it! Makes me think it is all worth something with such a pleasant title to it!!
So I have jumped on my bandwagon to change things, for good, not a New Years resolution, in fact I started it on Friday December 28th, even before if you count searching for inspiration and ideas.
 Just to share my newly/recently finished painted kitchen island. I had dropped a pot of spaghetti with sauce on the floor in front of the fridge and it went everywhere and on the vintage linens that are hanging here, I washed them immediately but just got them pressed and back up yesterday. I have been going full force at this reorganizing/purging deal. Danny is not sure what I am smoking but he loves it! He comes home to a foyer full of garbage for the dumpster each day and is very eager to carry it off for me. Not sure why I had to beg to get the kitchen garbage taken off? hmm??
 Have to do a little on-a-shoestring decorating as I go, as a reward for all my hard work. Found some really cute Fat Chef stuff at Family Dollar yesterday, like 10 pictures and 2 packs of wall clings for $31....I think so!!
 This little Rabbit Cage was the second area hit by Storm Becky. My father-in-law made this for us in about 1985, made each of his 5 children one for Christmas and I think I am the only one who still uses them. Why not, I ask? You should have seen my foyer after I cleaned this out! Danny had just left with a truck load of garbage from another area and came back home to yet another....he just glowed with pride! This has always been used as a telephone area and housed phone books...yes, all the way back to 2002.....shut comments.....and plastic grocery bags. OK I am not sure how many million plastic grocery bags were in there but I am sure that I could smother one of the islands in the Bahamas with my plastic waste.....for that I am very very sorry. I pledge to do better and always carry and USE my homemade grocery bags from now on!! I even found a vacuum cleaner in here that I do not remember owning. I know, I know my house was that bad! Out of sight and out of mind!
 The doors on this were wire only but I had a great idea to cover the inside with my FAVORITE fabrics, Tufted Tweets collection...can't wait to get some sewing room time to make something else from that fabric stash! Now this little cubby houses casserole dishes and baking pans! Clever, no? I have a strong urge to paint this white but the dearest hubby will chop me up for chicken stew if I did but next spring I do plan to update the natural finish on it. Maybe go a bit darker with some cherry stain, he agreed to that one.
 Here is my first project that I pounced on. My "basement" no I do not have a basement but that's what I have nicknamed this area due to using it to store items that would ordinarily be stored in a basement. This is the hallway from my kitchen to the master bedroom and is a straight shot to my bed. My side of the bed to be exact and each morning I woke up and my eyes hit this eyesore area first and I vowed it would be tackled first, and it was. I went to Target on Friday and found these awesome handled tubs shown below and came home and went to town on this area. Shown above are part of my nice collection of Sam Toft prints....I have a new one coming today....I have vowed to buy one a month until I get all of them that are available, they are so cute and cheery! Danny said they look stupid....MEN!!! The new one will go in my kitchen area cause it has ducks in it!! teehee
 Yes this is organized, very very very organized.......VERY! I keep empty canning jars, canning supplies, Foodsaver and it's supplies, etc etc etc in this corner. I am so proud of myself and I just want to sit and stare at it! Yes there are a few things in the floor but they are where I want them!
 I used this cute little ladder to hold my late Aunt Eleanor's hand embroidered towels and to hold my aprons. The enamelware bucket holds my homemade goats milk soap, pretty and functional. The gallon jar holds pickles cause that's how I bought them at Walmart....LOL! I plan to make some Kool-aid pickles with them soon!
 Upclose of the cool utility tubs that fit perfectly on these shelves.....ahhh bliss!
I also purchased this shelving paper at TJMAXX and lined the shelves and used some to cover a little cardboard box that now houses the handmixer and get this......the beaters are also in the box!!!! No more searching thru the utensils to find the beaters!! I'm so smart!!
This was just a little taste of what's to come. Soon, I will have covered my entire house in reorganizing/purging. I forgot to mention that I have a truck load of Goodwill stuff packed up ....yes, it's in the middle of the kitchen floor but so be it!!
Now I want to share some other way over the top excitement.....I have a new Grandbaby , Caraline, on the way on or before 1/15/2013!!! I have mentioned Lillie getting a new little sister a few posts back and that time is upon us. I want to ask all of you to join us in praying for this little booger to get off her butt and turn head down so Robin will not have to endure a Csection. As a nurse she knows just enough to be scared to death to be awake for the surgery! Please and Thank You!
Now as you all know I am a nurse and you have been with me the past many years in and out of all know I really just want to be a housewife but that is so hard to do in this tough economy and I have a champagne taste,,,,,,you know the rest of the story. So I go back into the partime work force tomorrow! PRAY FOR ME!!! I am excited tho about this, 12 hour shifts are for the strong nurses but I can do it and it is private duty in a nice little gentlemans home only 2 days a week.....if I tell myself that it's ONLY 2 days a week I will be fine, right? I can still do my photography....which I need to catch you up on some of my recent shoots, that were awesome. The money is good and needed to replenish the savings acct since I depleted it all this past year. The GOOD LORD ABOVE did provide for me to be able to not work and be there for Leslie and to that I am eternaly grateful. So now I will pay it back. I do not want for anything at this time in my life except my bills paid and a few sam toft pics mentioned above and a nice little cushion in savings......I will let ya know how that goes!........possibly not so good considering I just bought myself a new car.....well it was time as I have had the jaguar shown in my sidebar for 6 1/2 years. I needed something with a lot more room so I got a Chevy Traverse like this one. Not this one but just like it!
Hey, If I have to work anyway I might as well get there in style! Also plenty of yardsale room....did I say that? LOL
Hopefully you guys will see some great things out of me as part of this "non-resolution/resolution" is to share with the world all my projects so I am held accountable!
Happy and prosperous new year to all of you out there in blogland!!