Friday, March 11, 2011

Na Na Na Nah Nah!!

I bet you've always wanted one too!

We have finally took the time to work on this dollhouse that has been started for what 2 years or so? I am loving it more than I thought I would too!!
Like the walnut stained door?
How about my vintage farmhouse kitchen sink?

I even have a to scale dollhouse for my dollhouse!!

This is so the dollies can play dollhouse too.
I will let the dollies decorate this one all by themselves!
Emma is getting pretty excited about getting this thing finished before she goes off to college.
Go check out Amy's dollhouse over at
This is the link to her kitchen but the rest of the dollhouse is in previous posts.
The girls at work said I needed to have a dollhouse play party and invite all the women I work with. Now how fun would that be? No kids, just adults! LOL!!
Sorry Emma and Lillie you will have to wait your turn!
"Lillie" is my 4th grandchild who is coming next week.
They are going to induce labor on Tuesday if she holds out that long!
I can't wait to meet her!!


Brenda said...

Now that is just too cute!

I had a wonderful surprise today ... Terri and her family spent the morning with me here at the farm. It was such a blessing to meet and hug and visit with them. I sent a little spotted Nubian buck home with them. We had a wonderful visit before they headed on home.

Amy said...

Thanks for linking! Your dollhouse is great. I love that sink! Seeing your mini dollhouse reminds me that I have that one too! It isn't in my dollhouse at the moment though...I need to look for it asap!! Have fun working on it!

Amanda said...

It's so pretty. You have an awesome husband. I thought having one on display would be neat after seeing Lorelai with her old one on the last couple seasons of Gilmore Girls. I couldn't sit mine out for show like that though, it was a Barbie dreamhouse. I don't think the hot pink and purple cardboard would match any of my decor.

Linda Stubbs said...

Awwww, I had one of those when I was little. Have one up in the rafters in the coop. It is old and very rusty.........but it has to stay there. It makes the coop a little bit cuter and you know.......that is important.

Now that I am working outside the home I just don't get to go blog hoppin like I used to.........sad for me.

So nice to come and visit you.........I have some pretty special memories of Sunny Morning Farm.
Hugs, Linda