Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fabric and paintbrushes lead to....

Working my fingers to the bones, painting and decorating, in the cool morning breeze or late afternoon shade.

I had a brilliant idea to make some outdoor curtains to help shield the unwanted sun at certain times of the day. What sort of relaxation can you get if the porch is not climate controlled?
I used a set of king size sheets and they are just perfect for what I needed.
Not sure why I haven't done this a long time ago.
I can't wait til late evening, swinging in the porch swing with a citronella candle burning to keep the mosquitos away....

The ceiling over the porch is going to be painted a sky blue for obvious reasons. Do I need to explain to you? I had to explain it to Danny back last fall when we got started painting all the white. He remembered all this time later! HA!! Funny since he couldn't understand at the time, again he thought me super crazy!

Love this view, but it will be better when the painting is all finished.
Wait til you see my tree porch swing!
If Terri can have the most beautiful chicken coop with a porch, I can have the coolest hair studio with a porch!

I think I would be content to wait in line for a haircut in a nice peaceful garden with the sound of the songbirds and moving water, would you?

BTW, songbirds LOVE country music, it makes them sing louder and louder!!


Country Gal said...

That is the cutest shed I have seen yet ! LOVE IT !!! Have a great day !

OurCrazyFarm said...

Two posts in one day! I'm going to go mark it on my calendar:)))) So glad your back Becky!

Flat Creek Farm said...

I love your country beauty shop! I go to a cute and country beauty shop myself, in my neck o' the woods! I love the garden/seating area... and the water feature(s). I adore it all, and the tip about the sheets for "sun curtains" in the summer. Thank you for the inspiration! Best wishes.. ~Tammy