Sunday, November 13, 2011

Billie and Billy

Here is an older picture of the horse that I rode yesterday, Billie.

(She is the mare shown here.)

Of course we got NO pictures of me on horseback.....urgh!

After our ride we had to go down the rode and try out a couple new goats that I found on none other than Craigslist. A 5 month old registered (very spotted) Nubian Buck, named Billy!
Billy comes with a yearling Alpine doe thrown in as a companion.
She is white and her name is Snowy.
Billy comes from the same stock and same farm as my first Nubian, Saphira. He is rather small right now at 5 months old but he really knows his way around a doe already!
We go to pick them up this morning and I can't wait to get some new babies on the ground!


Country Gal said...

Oh how exciting cant wait to see photos of them. Have a wonderful day !

Gail said...

Two Bills, must be some sort of sign.

Look forward to baby pictures.

Brenda said...

How exciting! It's pretty cool that Billy is from the same line as your first Nubian.