Sunday, July 8, 2012

About those famous goats of mine....

Some more Connemara babies are here!
Actually they are almost 2 months old now, I am just a little behind in my bragging.
Above are Belle's twins Brown doeling, Francesca and buckling, Henry.
I sadly lost Henry at 3 weeks old....NO IDEA what happened, unless a bigger goat hurt him.
So sad!
 Francesca is so pretty!

 "Walk this way"
 She is very energetic!!
 Head butt!
 Henry looked just like his Mama.
 A Facebook picture that was too cute not to share.
 Miss Karo is bred to a Connemara Buck for fall babies, I hope ;-)
 Meet Louisa, my 3/4 Connemara stock doeling, from Ellie Mae.
This is her first kid and she has been a pistol on the milk stand. Danny has been on vacation this past week and he has milked her and says he has her "trained" now. I will find out tomorrow morning!
 She looks just like her daddy, too! Been sorta hard to tell my 2 doelings apart.
 About those other kids......
Morgan and Lillie enjoying my little red wagon!
 While Emma pulls them!
 Lillie, having a little talk with Jesus.
 Jonathan, Morgans wonderfully sweet, quite the catch boyfriend with his big catch of the day!
I think it was his first fish ever!
It's been so hot here that you could only fight the heat by doing this!!

Actually Danny got the rafters on the new milk barn, in this terrible heat, while he was on vacation.
 I stayed in the A/C!
RIP, Little were quite the studly little man and theres no doubt all the girls would have really loved you.....


RaNaeLuvsEwes said...

The goats are beautiful so are your humans lol
Gob Bless Henry
Lifting your DD up made a special place on my side bar for your blogs u should stop by and check it out

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Awwh Thanks, RaNae! I will check it out now! God Bless you! ~ Becky