Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bedposts & Bedspreads

 Whew this is going to be a long post, where do I begin??
Ok, I will begin by telling you that I married into an awesome family.
Well back up a bit here Beck......
When I was all but a wee pup my mom and dad rented my husband, Danny's, grandparents home and lived there for a few months while we were building our house. His grandparents were Eldee and Etta Moran. Etta had passed some years prior to this but Eldee had just been killed when a tractor turned over on him on that farm. I think this was 1972.
The bed above is my king size bed that we sleep in now and I have been re-doing my room for a couple weeks...ready for new paint now and it is mostly clean and somewhat organized....YAY!!!
I posted that picture on Facebook with a little story about how the pillowcases came from my great grandma and several different pieces that were so full of sentimental value were used. 
I am getting old enough that I want to use my pretties instead of keeping them hid away and never enjoyed. This sparked a lot of interest from some of my family on Facebook and we all learned more about the history of some of these items.
 Well today.......Danny's first cousin, the beautiful Beth, called me. I haven't spoken to her in too many years to even count other than her Facebook stalking me...hahahaha!!! She called to tell me that she has something to give me that was her and Danny's Grandma Etta's. It is this BEAUTIFUL bedspread!!!! Etta made this bedspread from cotton flour sack strings that she collected from all the flour sacks that she used!! GOSH-a-motorcycles that was a lot of work!!!!
Of course what makes it even more special is that Beth chose to give it to me!! 
Yep there were one or maybe three thousand tears shed today! 
I think I heard a snif snif on the other end, too. Especially when she said it would look great in my bedroom on my bed. I said "No way! That is going on my other bed that Danny made me!" 
Then she got to hear the story about this bed.
Danny and I were married September 25, 1976.
Right before Christmas his Mom saw him rambling around in their meat house and he had drug a bunch of stuff out into the pasture field. She hollered at him and asked what he was doing. He said he wanted the old bed that was stored in the back of the building to use as a pattern to make him a bed like it. She laughed!! 
I can remember that day so vividly, I can't remember my own name nor what I had for lunch but I remember that day very well!!
I was 14 years old!
This bed is in the guest/grandkids room now. 
It's been around for over 38 years. 
SO....... Danny comes home today and I tell him all about the bedspread. I mentioned that I wished I knew more about the bed that he used as a pattern. It was a 3/4 head board that was OLD at that time. Boy if I only knew about all the things you could do with an old bed back then, it would be right here in my home today with me!! He proceeds to tell me that it was an old spool bed that belonged to Aunt Mandy. I must inquire with some family as to exactly who she was but I am thinking my father-in-law, Raymond's Aunt. 
Then he tells me that that bedspread will be very fitting for his bed that he made because the walnut lumber came from a tree that Grandpa Eldee had given him a few years before he died. The tree had fell on their farm.  Raymond and Danny sawed the lumber and then stacked it up to dry for a few years.
Then Danny took him a bride.......she needed a bed......then a bedspread......

So it appears this bedspread has come full circle!
My heart swells to full capacity!!
Thank You, Beth!!!
Can't wait to travel across the state to visit with you to bring her home with me, soon, really soon!!

I hope all you Moran's understand how much you all mean to me!
Love you guys so much!!!!
Now I must go polish that walnut bed my boyfriend made me almost 4 decades ago!

God Bless!


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