Thursday, November 29, 2007

Under the weather

Today has been a terrible day for me. I have been sick all day with a horrible stomach bug. yuck I had to call in sick and it's not looking good for tomorrow either, still not able to eat.

I thought I could play with my new highspeed internet and it would cheer me up but it is not working either. The dsl was hooked up yesterday. Yesterday was also rough as I got a very big splinter under my finger nail that went all the way back to the nail bed. OUCH! I had to split my nail then pluck it out from the split. I now have a split all the way back to the cuticle. I hope it heals OK. Sure is sore now but I have had my mind on other problems today. earl, earl,

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca,
Thank you for your visit. I see we have alot of the same hobbies. I pray you feel better soon.