Monday, December 10, 2007

My antique wood cook stove!

I have been real busy the last couple days on a new project. I purchased an antique wood cookstove from one of our fellow farmgirls "Rosemary" and picked it up at her house yesterday. She lives in Warrenton Va 4 hours from here but a real nice trip other than the speeding ticket on the way home.

The stove is exactly what I have been looking for for 31 years. My parents had one that was almost exactly like it when I was about 10-14 years old and I loved to cook on it. On Sat and Sun when I was out of school and my parents were building our house I would prepare lunch for them. I would fire up the stove and I would drag anything I could find out of the freezer or make anything that took several hours to prepare and I was as happy as a lark.

I would putter around the kitchen cleaning the whole time that I was cooking. I would have my metal dishpan of dishwater on the stove where it would stay hot and would wash up my dishes as I went. The dishpan would drive my mother crazy for some reason. I learned that trick from a little old maid that would hire my brother and I to do odd jobs around her house. She always had a dishpan on her wood cook stove with hot water in it but I am most assured that the water was never emptied for days and days as she was too tight to use too much dish detergent!!

I have pics of the stove up and running and yes there is already a fire in it!! I will have to post those tomorrow. I worked all day long scrubbing and buffing on the stove. I used this "Stove wax" which is a blackening that has no smell or fumes when a fire is started. That I liked. Danny had to do some work on it that required braising ???? The stove looks like it is in showroom condition now! Only $400 and it was a Christmas gift from Danny, see I have been really good this year!!!!!

Danny and I both were so happy when we fired her up and she did not even begin to smoke. Ah the crackling and popping of the fire was so relaxing. The stove is in our "great room" (awfully small room) so we can enjoy it while watching TV or eating our meals either one. I hope to have many years of service from it and many good meals!! It will also be great to use if the power goes out as it has for 3 days this weekend Fri, Sat and Sun, just blinked off but that is a bad sign...

Enough for now, getting sleepy...

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