Monday, December 31, 2007

Out with the old!!!

Well it's almost over and what do I have to show for it? I guess really a lot. I and all my family are well at this time, (other than my broken toe). I have gained a new fulltime position at Giles Memorial Hospital in the ER that I have been waiting for for about 1 1/2 years. I love it there!

We have bought some land near Philpott lake and have very high hopes for it in the not to distant future. I have paid off a lot of debt and spent a lot of money. I plan to be a little more frugal in 2008, we'll see how that goes as I have a "need" list started lol.
A new european foam mattress for my bed. A cream seperator as I will soon be milking my dairy goat Saphira that I also acquired this year. A new solid wood Amish made cherry dining table to seat 8-10 and the jumbo paddleback chairs (8-10). A kitchenaid stand drop bowl mixer. These among other things, I may not do so good with living frugally ok maybe on some things I can sacrifice in order to get the things I really want. Oh I thought this was a need list!!!

Christmas was great in the Moran house this year, I think everyone was happy! I made several gifts this year and it really felt good to get back to sewing. Oh yeah I acquired 3 new sewing machines this year also... I also gave Leslie a sewing machine for Christmas A Kenmore machine just like my newest one that is a fabulous little machine. She has had 2 short lessons so far and has made Colton and Emma pillows to use while watching TV and the kids were so proud of their mom. It does my heart good to see her interested in sewing for the first time. She will definatley not be the same again since she has been bitten by the bug. You know the disease that has no cure only temporary remissions immediatley after a trip to the fabric store or sewing center or just after finishing a long anticipated project. I have had this disease for too many years to count. There's a bumper sticker at schoolhouse fabrics made just for me "Whoever dies with the most fabric wins" of course they had it made for me my family says.

My mom and sisterinlaw Wanda got new Singers for Christmas as well. I am very happy for them. My mom has already made several aprons among other things..

My biggest resolution, well maybe the only one I may be able to stick to, is to become more organized. I have started with my home office, oh yuck tax time is coming. I have worked most all day on cleaning out drawers and purging. Oh Purging really feels good as I am the number one packrat of all time. I am going to take at least one or two drawers a day and clean them (in my whole house) and throw things away and rid my home of tools!!!! we have been remodeling for 6 1/2 years and I am so sick of tools in my house. We do have a garage. Paint cans are another problem of mine as it seems that I collect them. I don't know why. But they are going too. I WILL finish all my painting this spring even the garage and outbuildings and get every paint can OUT of my house>>>>>>> that feels good just saying it!!!

My 2nd resolution of course is to lose weight, no, change my lifestyle and I know what to do so I will just have to show myself..... enough said about that.

3rd is to start living better, you know just being a better wife, mother, grandmother, coworker, friend, citizen, child of God etc............. I also know what to do here, so I guess I have no more excuses...................

I wish all of you a very Happy New Year and may all your wishes be granted and your resolutions fruitful in 2008.

Love to you all,

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Fonville Farm said...

Well, It sounds like we are in this together since those are all the things that I want to do as well. Like mother, like daughter!
Love ya!