Sunday, September 28, 2008

I miss you guys

I really do. I have been so busy that I have neglected my blogging buddies. I have also neglected other things such as my house, my farm, my husband......etc....etc.... but we won't go there ;o)

I am really liking my job now. It is really a lot to learn. The computer is not hard at all but one of those things where you have no clue where to go until the right time comes and then someone has to show you and then you really get it cause it is really user friendly to a point. Have I really confused you yet? The electronic medical records are what I am talking about. You don't use certain templates until you have that type of patient present to the clinic. Anywho It is falling into place and is a great place to work.

I still wish I could stay at home but the way the world is today I am fortunate to have a really good job. I am trying to convince myself of that anyway. hehehe

A really good job that helps me feed my habit of antiquing that is. I went to my favorite antique store today, Vintage Rose Antiques, and purchased some real goodies. An antique china cupboard for the dollhouse, a chenille bedspread, chenille shower curtain (too cool), a couple matching rose plates and an antique double size metal ice tray (we don't have an ice maker in the dollhouse fridge). I'll get some pics real soon I hope. Of course she had sooooooo many things that I need. Yes that I NEED!!!!! Good thing I love my job!!!

I had a wonderful time yesterday with my girls out shopping for fabric and of course we had to hit our favorite Mexican restaraunt for lunch. I really love spending time with them. We have so much fun together and our sides and heads always hurt after a day together from all the is worth it though. GOOD THERAPY!!!!


Nancy at ManicForMosaics said...

Glad to hear you're liking your new job! Work is a pain but it's better if you like it.

Sounds like you needed the shopping therapy!

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

You have a good attitude about your job, and if it keeps you from that nasty habit of antiquing, then so be it! Sounds like it's not working though because you found some wonderful treasures. Look forward to seeing the pics. Thanks for stopping by and seeing my shabby white piano. I had to make room for it by taking out other furniture and putting them in the space I'm renting at an antique mall. I figure if I sell some items that's great. If not, I'm paying for storage of the things I don't have room for in my home! Crazy, I know!