Saturday, February 26, 2011


That's the time frame for our home remodel.
A whole decade!
It just hit me tonight that we are all but finished on the structural remodel of this place.
Now the only thing left to do is to finish the painting inside!!
Such as the kitchen cabinets.

I sure do like them!

He does too!
It was like pulling his teeth to get him to agree to doing anything inside the house.
He wore himself out on the exterior I guess, Thank goodness we didn't have a lot of inside work to do.
Still a ton of cabinets to finish, the stairwell
laundry room and big bathroom will get a new coat of paint.
The bar sink in the kitchen needs to be hooked up....he told me today that he "thought" about that the other day and that I should give him credit for that one!!
We need a new storm door for our bedroom door that leads out on the deck and a couple light fixtures need to be replaced......
Then we will be FINISHED!!!!!
This has been a long 10 years too!
No wonder my hair is so grey and his is falling out!!
I think I will plan a big "Thank Goodness The Remodel Is Over Party" for around May 1st, the day we moved in in 2001!
Thank You Lord for letting us live thru this one without killing each other!
Now we have a barn to build.........OH NO!


Brenda said...

Sometimes good things just take a little while to finish. It's looking really good! I love the white cabinets!

Gail said...

It is looking great.

A barn, I can't wait!

Country Gal said...

It's looking good!
My hubby, well I cant keep him down something needs to be done he wont stop till it is, guess I am lucky to have a handy dandy do it now giter done man lol. Have a great day !

the canned quilter said...

We thought we were finished too but there always seems to be something. This year the porch rails need repainting and the deck restained and the shed a fresh coat of paint as well. Guess I know where I'll be all summer. The end of a paint brush : )

Jeannette said...

Your kitchen looks great! I've poured over you blog. You have a great sense of decorating :)

Sage said...

You'll love the white cabinets!! I know I put off (read: Lazy) going white for many years! Even though I always LOVED white.. Finally got it done..been white for two years now. (I'm still not fond my kitchen layout, but it's better with the white!)

Red Hill General Store said...

So glad you are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. You have both put in a lot of love and hard work into your home, and from the pictures it is absolutely stunning!