Saturday, February 19, 2011

This is where I have been....

Besides working fulltime in the Dr's office, which is about 40 hours more a week than what I want to do. I have been trying to get a few things accomplished around the house.
Such as a makeover for my kitchen!
I finally convinced Danny to let me paint the cabinets white!

He even hung my new light that I have had for a long time.
I had an oak board that stretched out between the upper cabinets over the window, a valance I think they are called. I wanted that board removed for almost 10 years now, so it would no longer block the light. It took him about 12 seconds to get it down!
Now you can even see the new light and it really opens up the space!
I still have several more to paint but we are getting there.
We have also been sick, Danny with the flu, I with a stomach bug and then a sinus infection that has been going on for over 2 weeks.
I think we have done pretty good for ourselves.

What you think?
Better before or after?

We have also been getting in lots of coon hound puppy loving!
See they are already treeing!

Little Willie will not be going to Wisconsin afterall
Actually Terri asked us to find him another home because her son is not enjoying the training of a coon dog pup. You have to be 100% into that or there is no need in trying.....from what I've heard anyway. Danny and Colton are 150% into coon hunting!
Of course we had a waiting list a mile long for these pups, so there was no trouble finding him a home. Danny says he thinks he is the smartest of the litter, definately the most unusual coloring for a red tick! Most folks think he's a lemon beagle!

So with the gas prices over $3 a gallon now it would have been a very costly trip to deliver Willie to Trent, a 1200 mile trip one way in the gas guzzling truck, but it would have been worth it to get to see Terri, her family and her farm! Maybe some other time.
Danny has promised me a beach trip instead!

hahahaha this one is so funny!!

So that's what I've doing!


Brenda said...

Your puppies are adorable! They look so soft and snuggly.

I like your white kitchen. It looks so crisp and clean.

I was just wondering about you this afternoon. I'm glad you posted an update. Take care!

Red Hill General Store said...

Love the new look for your kitchen! And the pups are adorable.

Mel said...

How cute... those puppies are so adorable.

Wow, your kitchen looks like a totally different kitchen, very nice, and bright.

Did you have to prime your cabinets prior to painting them? I want to paint mine. The inside of our house is dark (barn) and the cabinets are cherry... also dark. would be so nice to paint them an antique white.

Great job!