Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Now this is what I was talking about.....

......those things that make me happy!

Here is my newly upcycled potting shelf for my potting shed, OOPS,

potting porch. It is an old entertainment center that I saw the potential for some greater use one day. Danny however did not see any potential in the piece and thought I had lost my cotton-picking mind over this one! LOL

It came with the mobile home, The Fairy's Rest.

I found a great used TV and TV stand on Craigslist and did not need this one so I kept it.

I am glad I did!

Robin bought me these darling bird drawer pulls at Hobby Lobby in Atlanta and brought them to me for Mothers Day! Cool kid, huh?

I saw them when we were there visiting Lillie but they were very pricey so I left them, reluctantly. But in a couple weeks they showed up at my doorstep!

The water spigot hooks HAD to come home with me.


This will be put to good use along with my Pouting Pany's Potting Bench/Table from last year.

I will paint it green to match the shelf and call it all a potting porch!

Storage on the back side for all my garden tools. Well the small ones anyway, need to figure out what to do with the big shovels and such....hmmm??

I love this picture!


I had to play around with Picasa and I like this one too!

So this is what I was talking about in my last post when i mentioned doing what I like to do....did I say when I like to do it too?

I have officially quit my fulltime job as of last Friday, however, I must have had a senior moment when they asked if I could fill in one day a week til they could get someone hired and trained for my position, and I said "Yes, I will be more than happy to work every Wednesday for four weeks!" What was I smoking that day?

It's Ok though!

I can do anything for eight hours a week, right?

I have had such a great time in the past 4 days and have accomplished so much that I do not want to mess up my streak by going to work tomorrow!! URGH!!!

I think I can.....I think I can....I think I can......


Country Gal said...

Love your potting bench ! I have a potting shed and Papa built a potting table for me, I love it to it makes me smile , not only do I do my plants in there I also keep all my bird food in there as well and Papa made me a sign that for my shed that says (Mama's potting shed ) I love it all. Have fun with your niffty potting bench !

Amanda said...

I love it! Everything you come up with is great! Please send some inspiration my way. :)

daisy said...

It looks wonderful! I can't blame you for getting those hooks, they are great! Job well done!

the canned quilter said...

Love the potting shelves and I adore those hooks! Sure glad to have you back : )

Pjjunker said...

Your potting porch sounds adorable! I love gardening stuff...but my thumb is only green if I paint it! Would a BIG clay pot hold your other gardening tools?

Brenda said...

You are SO creative! Everything you put your hand turns out looking like a work of art. :D

Enjoy your time at home!

LynnS said...

Wonderful potting unit for the porch! You did a fantastic job with it and everything ties together beautifully.

So glad you are back home so that we don't have to share you with all of those sick people! lol