Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pouting Pany's New Potting Bench...

I had this table that was not very pretty that came as a set with 4 chairs that I needed for the rental home. The table was pretty rough actually so it was thrown in for free with chairs. I knew I could always use table space somewhere.

Well yes I can!!!

I have always wanted a potting bench. Even when I had my greenhouse in use I didn't really have a neat potting bench like I wanted. Since we converted the greenhouse to a hottub room I have not had anywhere to pot plants that was convenient. So today the wheels got to turning faster than I could catch them!! I love those days when a truly brilliant idea comes to me and the idea is turned to something more than a mere idea by the end of the day!!! Don't you just love those days too??

The twin bed headboard was a yard sale purchase a couple years ago for $6 and I had plans to make a garden bench out of it. You can still see the holes where the bed frame hooks in but they will be hidden when my dearest husband (who is very grouchy tonight and despite the fact that he loves Pouting Pany's Potting Bench that she made all by herself, would not help her with this one little part of attaching the back to the table) finds the time to help me attach this securely to the table.

giggle giggle giggle

enamelware dish pan potting soil pan

giggle giggle giggle


Wringer washer lid to cover the potting soil pan

so the crazy barn cats, who are not allowed on the porch anymore,
will not decide to use the pan of potting soil for a litter box.

The lid has a nice hole for hanging on a peg when I need it out of the way!

I am sure that's what they had in mind when they made that lid!

aaawwwhhhhh cute!

Miracle Gro

Artisanal homemade goats milk soap, from Terri to wash my garden paws,

under my garden cloche.

I feel so special!!

These garden tools got the best of me yesterday when they absolutely whooped my butt!!

I was too wore out to even talk about it last night....details later!

A tarnished silver covered dish for garden trinkets.

Lots of essentials that I may need kept close by.

This will be great to actually have all my gardeny stuff in one central area.

"No men allowed!" (cause they never return things)

I will make that sign and hang from a peg on the back of the bench!!

Good idea!

I will put the cute little silver hooks on the headboard when I get a drill.

Some dummies left the cordless drill at the other house last weekend.

Of course when we went there on Saturday we realized after we got there that we had left the same drill here at home and had to come back home.

It might not be the men who doesn't return items/tools to their proper place.......guilty here!

Finally I would like to introduce "Pouting Pany Bird"

She looks just like a Dr that I used to work with and she is a really good family friend. Her birth name was "Panty" pronounced "ponty"
I didn't really want to spell this little girls name panty like the bloomers, even though she is a gardening girl!!!! LOL!!!

I made her several years ago but I didn't have gardening boots for her.

My Mom gave me a really neat pair of gardening boots for her over a year ago and guess what?

Pany still doesn't have her boots on!!

I think she has ADD too. Shh... don't tell her I said that!

She is all decked out in her gardening garb.

Tools, seed packets......

straw hat, just no boots!

I think Pany did a pretty good job with her very very frugal new garden bench.

Even the paint was leftover from my bedroom many years ago.

It's called Blue Willow and it looks sorta like Robin's Egg blue.

Pany and I felt it was appropriate for a potting bench.

When the grouchy old man gets in a much better mood, Pany is going to ask him to hang her sink like this one on the wall beside the potting bench and run hot and cold water to it.

Maybe Pany had better make him his favorite meal tomorrow night



Amanda said...

I like your set up! I keep my miracle grow in a mason jar too.

Farmchick said...

Very cute potting bunch....I love it! :) Just out blog hopping and I found my way here...hope you can stop over and visit me too! :)

Catherine Anne said...

Love it

OurCrazyFarm said...

Officially jealous! In a good, friendly, I love it, kind of way! You have such a gift of decorating! And then there's your photography skills, and painting, and cooking, and sewing besides! Cute! You did a great job Miss Pany! Could I put in an order for one of those sinks, too, of course after he finishes the blueberry cheesecake:))))

Kim said...

One word....ADORABLE!

LynnS said...

What a novel potting bench -- your are unbelievably creative. Not only is this very crafty-clever but it's also wonderfully frugal!

Pany is obviously a real her Momma!

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