Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How quickly one little blogger is forgotten about

I'm having my own little pity party here all by myself tonight.

Well actually it's morning by now.

I am pouting about how I have lost friends

over the past year.

Blogging friends that were so close to me and held such a special place in my heart.

Friends that I felt as if I could show up on their doorstep every morning and go right inside their homes and have a nice hot cup of coffee with them had we lived closer together.

Oh, that's right, I did go into their homes every morning with my cup of coffee!

Friends that I planned to visit one day before I died and have that cup of coffee in real time.

My crazy job took me away from blogland for almost a year and then blogger itself has kept me from being able to post a comment on a lot of my fellow bloggers posts on their blogs and apparently an absence does not make the heart grow fonder.

It makes you all but forgotten!


It breaks my heart to go to these blog sites that were my favorites and see that I am not even on their favorite blog lists any longer!

I keep my favorite blogs on my blog lists for ever and ever in hopes that they may decide to post again one day!

I know this sounds very very whiny but my feelings are very hurt at this time!

Maybe I will just have to get a whole new set of bloggy friends and try this again?

Maybe I just need a nap cause it's been a very long hard day?

Maybe I am being petty but a blog is supposed to be where you write

your thoughts and ideas down in black and white, right?

So, to my 2 blog friends that have stuck by me thru thick and thin, I salute you and wish you well!

You know who you are!

The picture above is for you!

I happened to gaze out my dining room door this morning and spotted this little fiasco........ ALL five of my banties were up in my washing machine!!


So here on the farm, Tuesday is now the official washday!


OurCrazyFarm said...

You're still on my side bar Sweet Becky:)))

I have had problems with blogger and comments, too, this year~ make sure that you are NOT signed in and then you can leave comments. It's a hassle to have to enter your email and password every time you want to get into your own blog, but at least you can leave comments.

Write for yourself, dear friend!

Blogger sucks you into numbers and popularity and "who's who" like the rest of the world does. But how many friends can one person really have?

I rather like the "real" blogger friends who you know well enough that you really do want to go and have coffee with them (especially if they promise coon hound pups and blueberry cheesecake to go along with it;)) or the one's who invite you to their goat farm for a week and you know you could bring your muck boots with and feel right at home.

I'm here . . . so keep writing to me . . . and Brenda, and Momma Hooch at the Canned Quilter, and, and, and . . . and one day {Lord willing} we'll have that cup of coffee!! Love you~ Terri

Gail said...

I don't do the side bar but just go to the dashboard.

Brenda said...

Becky! I missed you when you were not able to blog. I'm glad you have the time to write again. The photo of the chickens in the old washer is really funny! It gave a good chuckle this morning.

I think my farm is about in the middle of everyone ..... I think it would be so wonderful if we could hang out here for a few days milking goats and making cheese, and ice cream!

I hope you have a blessed day!