Friday, January 27, 2012

On Machine Quilting, Old Red Barns, Old Houses and Sunrises

Yep, that was a mouthful and a handful of work!

Remember my machine quilting table for my frames that Danny made me? They ended up in my bedroom as a storage rack for clothes and junk for a long time now?

Well the reason behind that was we had a glitch in them and all we ever did about that glitch was to discuss that one of these days we would do something about that glitch.

Last Sunday was that day!

I just had an epiphany of sorts and decided that I knew exactly what would work on that glitch and that I was way past ready to have these frames up and running and OUT of my bedroom.

So off we trek to Lowes and spend $8 on the glitch parts and then just simply move them........simple? ha! Simple in the fact that we just dropped everything that was on them and moved them!

I moved them to another temporary home in the side of my hair studio........ I know you are thinking that I am crazy but it works for now. Climate controlled and the lighting is superb!

Cramped yes, but right now is a really slow season for the business and I went for it and carved out an area and this building seems to have been built to be a quilting studio! LOL It's been everything, a greenhouse, a hot tub room, a hair salon and now a quilting studio! That's what you call getting your money's worth!!

This Fence Rail Quilt was started way back when he first built the tables so I could have a quilt ready in a flash to practice quilting with my new Juki and the frames at the same time.

Now after all this time, I have become really acquainted with the Juki TL98Q and love her! So when I put her in the frames this time I was very comfortable and I quilted this quilt in no time flat. I was so proud! I now have all the parts to the Juki HZL600 and she is wonderful too!

I have started a king size modern strip quilt in polka dots....giggle giggle... for my bed and the machine is awesome. I have another quilt in the frames now which is a made up pattern that I threw together one day and it turned out a bit wonky but not wonky on purpose.....get my drift? So I am practicing with a new pantograph on it and it's going quite well so far, seems there are some booboo's that you can quilt out!

I also have several quilts on their way here to "quilt for hire"!!!!!!!!!!!

That's always been my goal but it's been a glitch part away for a long time!

I have been spending a lot of time shooting the beautiful sunrises.

Yesterday morning instead of running outside in my PJ's to catch it, I got some clothes on and ran down the road about a mile and parked in front of this old farm..............well, the sunrise was pretty but the farm was prettier! This is owned by Danny's boss. I LOVE IT!

A bit of playing around with the editing!

With my macro lens.


Have I ever told you that I love red barns?

Well I do!

This is the sunrise that got me started on my chase.......1/4/2012

Totally unedited!

This one made it to our local TV news channel for their evening weather!

I didn't know it but one of my neighbor/hair clients told me.

He works on this farm that is thru that gate and he said he knew where this was taken immediately!


A Saturday morning and Danny was leaving to go cut firewood. As he left i was standing in the road in my PJ's and it was 14 degrees or so, as I started to shoot I noticed an orange line coming up horizontally and then in a few moments a vertical orange line crossing it. It kept getting bigger and bigger and I kept should see all my pics in the timeline..........and suddenly there was a gorgeous orange cross in the sky overlooking my little town, my little farm and me!! Danny tried to call back to tell me to shoot it if I hadn't seen it. Morgan thought I edited it in my pics.........Oh no, there's only one person who could do that and we all know who HE is!

I felt so blessed and privileged to be able be standing here that beautiful morning!




Yet another one made it on the evening news!

Of course I posted them on their Facebook page but they picked mine twice!!!!!!

This was yesterday, beautiful but not as breathtaking as the previous days!

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OurCrazyFarm said...

Beautiful pictures Becky! You make me want to go stand in the middle of the road in my PJ's:)) That polk-a-dot material looks familiar . . . a certain table runner perhaps???!