Monday, January 9, 2012

Story update....

WOW! All I can really say is WOW!! In my last post I gave you a new blog where you can go and read a story that I started to write. I started this out to be a test of my writing skills and see if I could get any feedback that would make me feel that I did have enough talent to write something that others would want to read. Well Bless my little britches, I can't believe the feedback that I have recieved from the first 3 chapters only of my story! (I have 4 completed at this time)

I recieved numerous emails, Facebook messages and phone calls telling me that I better get that story off of my blog, away from public access and not take a chance in someone else stealing my story! What? Me a writer? I am so overwhelmed! These comments came from all sorts of people leading all sorts of different lives, too. Not just my friends and family trying to pat me on the back with encouragement, these comments were genuine. Some folks sorta jumped thru hoops to get in touch with me in person to tell me how they felt about my writing, saying they could not express to me their true feelings online or in a text. Now that's flattering!

As I mentioned this story was started ad lib and I had no idea how long it would be and was not even sure what to call it, short story, novella, or a novel. Of course my goal was to someday write a novel and I have had several characters in mind for my first book. These characters were totally made up on a whim but it appears that people are so interested in these characters already that I need to finish out this story in book form and see where this leads.

This is certainly something that I have always wanted to do but was unsure if I could ever pull it off. Thanks to all the great encouragement of my friends, family and acquaintances I am now ready to make this a full time career. I have now blocked the other blog from public access but I will continue to keep you all updated as to how the book is going here at Sunny Morning Farm, along with all my usual shenanigans. Thanks for being here with me thru thick and thin. I think the next few miles are going to be pretty rocky before we reach our destination!

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Country Gal said...

WOW! Thats awesome good for you ! Live out your dream. I am sure you will be a big success ! I did truely enjoy that story and would love to read it completed in print ! Good luck and go getem girl ! Have an awesome day !