Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Still a nurse!

Frankie is home from the hospital and he is on home health haha with me as his nurse. He has physical therapy 5 times a day where he has a towel placed under his belly and pull him up and help him to place some weight on his hind legs. He is also on prednisone and antibiotics twice daily. He is doing right much better at this time but there is no way to see the future. DH built him the best little "playpen" on Sunday, however it is not for play this time it is for confinement as he has to keep from dragging his legs and rest. It's really hard not to get him excited when he sees us coming. He tries to stand and drag the legs if we talk to him so we have to be real quiet and not stimulate him and he does pretty good at staying still. We have to do this for 21 days and he is an outside dog thus, NOT POTTY TRAINED. What fun.

Well I did a bad and quit my job in the ER on Saturday. I had already turned in my notice because I was promised 4 months ago when I was hired that I would be put on dayshift and then recently found out that I would not be going to days anytime in the future that she didn't know why she told me that I would. I can not work 12 hour nights and continue to be married. Either he would off me because I am a ***** or because I don't let him sleep from tossing and turning, or that he can't sleep when I am not there. (You know that is really nice though that he feels he needs me there beside him to sleep, that is true love).

I however would end up offing him due to the fact that I am a ***** or the fact that I am an incredibly lite and I mean LITE sleeper. I have the best hearing and he can pluck a hair out of his head outside on the other side of the house and I will hear it hit the ground. That is with a fan going full blast beside my bed and benadryl or Nyquil on board. I tell my daughters that I have a drug problem, uppers and downers, Nyquil/benadryl to go down and Excedrin to come back up again. I am sure that that has to be good for a body!

Well it only took one business day to land a Fulltime get this """"""7AM to 3PM""""""" position. They say there is a nursing shortage but I have found it is only a shortage of nurses who will work nights. It is in a nursing home that has a wonderful reputation for great resident care and also they take care of their employees. It is a not-for-profit facility and they are able to offer some really great perks. I actually was offered the position yesterday (I interviewed on Fri) at 12:30 and was there having my physical at 2:30. I start fulltime orientation tomorrow. No need to waste time I guess, I mean what would I do with a week off hahaha Did I mention that it was a really big increase in pay, a $3000 sign on bonus, and 12 miles closer to home one way. They always give signons for nursing not just beacause they are short staffed. They only had 2 positions and have over 500 employees, not bad but I will have to see for myself.

I am really looking forward to dayshift. Just imagine one day I will be back in the swing of things and at 8 PM I will start getting really sleepy, get in bed at 9 pm and sleep like a baby all night. Oh my I can't wait. I will also have time to milk my goat, due to freshen in a couple weeks, work in the garden & can veggies, and take the boat to the lake and play on our land near the lake on weekends with the family. We will just set up the pop up camper for now until we can start building.

DH wants to build a basement and cover it and live in it until we can build a log house on top as we get the money. I have always wanted an underground house but DH has been talked out of that by a contractor friend of his. But that's OK I love log homes too.

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