Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Homebody. Who me?

Who would have ever thought of me as a homebody? No one who knows me that is. I absolutley hate to leave the house now since I am not working. I never wanted to stay at home when I was working, I guess I did not want to get too used to it and have to leave for work. I dread each week the thoughts of errands or anything that may be on the aggenda that takes me away from home. This will probably get old but right now we are both loving it.hehehe

Another thing, each afternoon I feel that I haven't accomplished anything that day even if I have. Today however was a different story, I really got fired up and tore up jack around here and I did it all after noon. I can rest well tonight after a job well done!!!! such a good feeling............ tomorrow I have a big list too..mow the back 40, hang insulation in the new hair salon (another chapter of my life, story later), wash the car, and clean and scrub the porches and patios. Do you think I will get it done???? I don't.


Sage said...

Gawd, that so sounds like me. I hate leaving home, even to go shopping! I'm AM truly such the homebody! OH YEAH! Our farm is small, but I love it, yep Im a hang around the house kinda girl! YOU BET! You go farmgirl!
BTW..the little house that you are making into your beauty parlor..I WANT ONE! It's too cute!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

I'll pass that along to Danny, it was his plans for once. I think it is sooo cute. Now I want to make a courtyard/cottage garden around it and do a lot of painting. Did you notice the water trough water garden?