Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I am so sorry for the lapse in time since my last blog. I have no real excuse of course I am sure I could come up with something if I tried hard enough. It wouldn't have anything to do with not enough time due to my work schedule because I quit my job over 1 week ago. I am now a SAHM. I love those initials. Are you still called a SAHM when in fact all your children are grown and moved away from the nest? Maybe not but I still like the title!

Well by now you are wondering where I got the idea for the title "Manhunt" right. Well for the past several days there has been a manhunt going on in the county. On Sun the fugitive was seen in front of my house in the field while fleeing from the police and they lost him and he has not been seen since. I have been a hermit since Sun and cannot poke my head out of the house. There have been choppers and cops and blood hounds you name it around my house and 5 miles away at my daughters house too. No we do not know this man. He shot a tropper in the neck on Fri and he was treated and released from the ER that I used to work at.

Back to my "Coming Home" as I like to refer to it. I am so happy to be playing housewife. I have big plans for when this manhunt is over!

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