Sunday, January 16, 2011

I knew I could teach her......

how to color my hair!
Leslie, that is, as many hours as she has spent in my hair studio for the past 22 years she should know how!
She was one of my guinea pigs for many years before I started cosmetology school and during.
I also have to say that she was one of my guinea pigs for new tricks and techniques that I have tried since I became licensed too!
I worked as an educater for Paul Mitchell Systems for
a while and had to try out new tricks all the time!
Leslie also worked as my shampoo girl for many summers as a teenager.
Of course she always liked getting her hair cuts and color done for free and I always had the really cool nail polishes and equipment to keep hers looking perfect ALL THE TIME!!
Leslie, when is the last time you polished your nails? I know you caught a great husband with those beautiful nails!! I bet he would like to see them now too! LOL
Yep, both of my poor girls felt the brunt of my calling many times,
however, they will only trust me to do their hair now!
Robin has only had another person in her hair once and that was her mother-in-law who put her a perm in just as something to do on a whim while I was busy.
Danny took Leslie to his bosses wife once for both of them to have haircuts when his father passed away and I was way to busy to get to them.

Robin travels from Atlanta for haircuts!
She's my most dedicated/loyal client!
She cried when she thought someone else was going to have to cut her hair one time!
Teehee....yep they are spoiled!
They both would cut my hair for me if they knew how and both have put on all over color for me.
Robin and Danny have over the years pulled my hair thru a cap.......OMG PAINFUL TOO!!!
Ever had your hair pulled thru a frosting cap?
That's why some great hairdresser invented the foiling technique!
Easy peasy on the client!
However when you have a natural very dark brown brunette as I am, that is before mother nature took over and tried her hand at
natural highlights and that DID NOT work,
it is very hard to lift that color above anything but red.
It is a lot easier for an ametuer hairdresser to control the color if it is
seperated from the rest of the hair by a plastic cap.
Hence the reason I endured many hours of pain last evening after talking Leslie into pulling it thru a cap for me.
I am on a mission to look younger and when you get older you are supposed to lighten your hair, as mother nature does your hair and brows and lashes.
Lifts many years off your age to go lighter as your lashes and brows fade.
You all know those older ladies that go jet black because they think that has restored their youthful appearance. Most of these women were not that dark as a child!
It only makes them look a whole lot older especially when they have to pencil in their brows with a black sharpie!!
Do you know someone like that?
Well as you can see all these pictures were turned to black and white because I
was in
"Blonde Shock"
last night when I took them and this seemed to lessen the blow!
Danny says that I am crazy and he loves me as a blonde this time.
It's been about 5 years since I had it this color and he never really cared for it before.
However he has watched a couple movies lately with Catherine Heigle sp? and he loves her!!
Hmmm???? Let me think about this one?
I see Phyllis Diller when I look in the mirror, not Catherine!
I hope you enjoyed your little session from Hair Color 101!!


Gail said...

Yes, I do remember the pain of THE Cap. God does mine for free now and does it very well.

I like your color!

Lorilee said...

Hmm, I've never had my hair colored and only a few perms. My baby fine hair does not hold a perm so I've given up. Thankfully straight hair is IN right now! I do lighten a tad with sun-in to keep the lighter color of my youth. It seems to be darkening with age! I love Paul Mitchell products!

Verde Farm said...

First, I like the color you have and I so remember the cap and “needle”--It hurt so bad. I’ve had many perms and highlights over the years so I feel your pain. Cute blog-jsut found you hopping around looking for farm blogs. Going to read some more :)
Amy at Verde Farm

Brenda said...

Becky - You are one beautiful lady! Your hair is gorgeous. You must have taught them well. :D


I used to color my hair, my nails, always wore makeup but now I dont, I am a simple country gal, long brunett hair that I often put up in a pony tail, very little to no make up and nails well menopause makes them peel and chip, I took cosmo in high school, I went to a trade school ! My trade ended up being a dog trainer then in retail sales and now country home maker ! Good for you that you have found the career that you love and by the looks of it are great at ! Have a great day !
Your hair looks great

OurCrazyFarm said...

Oh My! Love the new "do"!!! BEEEAAUTIFUL!!!!!

Blonde is good on you! I tried once to lighten my hair and went shockingly white, then trying to darken went to orange and had to be reminded of the event for months to come. Can you believe I haven't had a professional haircut in 12 years or so??! Lot's of bathroom jobs:)) Love it Becky! And I love your Pioneer Woman pose, too:))

Nezzy said...

Oh my gosh, I once had two gals with those sharp crochet hooks workin' on me at the same time. I screamed for Valium!!! You look marvleous!

God bless and enjoy your day!!!