Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My kinda day....

It's my day off today, only because my Dr is out of town, and then again on Friday I will be off too! I have nothing else to do but sit and take in all the sights around this farm that I miss all those other work days.
Such as this really nice breathe of Spring that my Amaryllis has given me.
It's snowing outside, of course, and this is such a welcome sight inside!
Makes me feel all tropical!!

I get to sit and watch all my HUNDREDS of birds at my feeders.

I get to watch them drink warm water from their new heated dish.
This is a heated dog waterer but I thought it would be perfect for the birds too.
I think I will need to get out there and place a big rock in the middle of it incase one was to fall in maybe they could scurry to the top of the rock to escape.

Click to enlarge these pictures and you will see only a fraction of the birds that are out there at any given time. Funny how they know when I have the camera on them and they fly.

I have so many American Goldfinches that I fear for my life when I walk outside!
I have a friend who is pertrified of birds and she says "They will peck your eyes out!"
With this many out there I am thinking of her often!
I guess I had better be careful what I ask into my yard!

I finished all the laundry and did a lot of cleaning last night so I could have this "ME" day today!
Pretty smart huh?

This morning while doing my birdwatching with a nice hot cup of Hazelnut coffee in my hand...
I spotted this little girls mate!
The picture above, albeit a horrible picture, is of my female Red Bellied Woodpecker that came here last week.

Then this morning I spotted her mate. A beautiful male!
He likes Danny's newest platform feeder too!

I watched him for a long time with my binoculars so I do know that he is a he!
I am researching a new zoom lens for my camera so I can get some good close-ups of my birds.
I have only had this camera for one year, don't you think it's time I learned how to use it?
I have a book coming today....Nikon D3000 for Dummies.....and yes I am a dummy so I hope it will help me out!
See this is my kinda day!
Birdwatching in my PJ's,
Nice cups of coffee in my clean house,
Learning how to use my camera
anything else that I want to do!!!
It's all about me today!

I think I might make a cake today!


Teresa said...

glad you are back, missed ya! Love all the birds! We have chickens and if I fed the birds they would sit at the bottom and eat all the stuff that would fall out and never eat their food. They are such pigs;)

the canned quilter said...

Glad to see ya back sista! I put out the pecan shells from when I shelled my pecans and now have a flock of cardinals at me feeder after those little pices of pecan meat they can find. Looks like chickens have been scratching under my feeders from all the tracks : )

OurCrazyFarm said...

Happy Becky day! I'll celebrate with you up here and stay in my PJ's all day and maybe I'll bake myself a cake too~ are you feeling the love??!! I miss you too!! So funny you posted your camera model because I was just going to ask. The Nikon D3000 is one I've been seriously looking at, now just to part with the money..... Love those pics of the puppies~ but I already had the name Becky picked out so we would have Danny and Becky :)))))LOL But Willie will fit just fine!! Enjoy your day!


Sounds like a awesome morning my kind of morning, bird watching and taking photos, love the idea of the heated water dish for the birdies ! Have a warm and snap happy day !

Brenda said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day! Glad you had the day off to enjoy having a Becky day. I'm sure the birds appreciate the way you care for them. And, it sounds like they tell all their friends to come on over to Becky's house. That's where the good stuff is to eat!

Sage said...

Glad you came by to visit! Is good to be back. That job was killing I gave up, The Hedgewife is back and working my little corner of the farm world! Now, it's time for YOU to get outta that funk..glad you had time for a 'me' day. We all need one! Happy we are 'both' back!

LynnS said...

Isn't it fun to watch the birds?

Your amaryllis is so pretty -- what gorgeous colors to enjoy during this cold Winter we have.

I am intrigued by the laundry woman you have hanging!! Do tell! Do show!! What's her storyline? Does she do the laundry for you while you sleep? lol