Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I miss blogging so bad......

and I am going thru withdrawals again.
Could be my new self diagnosis of SAD
along with my ADD, either way it is sad to have me in this frame of mind.
I really think there is something to that SAD,
seasonal affective disorder stuff.
I am not handling this nasty snowy winter very well at all.
I can't remember when we had just one single cold but not bitterly cold
and dry day where there was no snow on the ground.
We have not had a winter like last year where we kept 30+ inches of snow on the ground for ever but it has been just enough to drive ya crazy!
So I thought if I sat down and posted some pictures from my very boring life I would feel better!

The puppies are here!!
Horrible blurry picture but they are here and cute as can be!
Virginia Ann in front
Wisconsin Willie at the back!!

Wisconsin Willie has such a sweet nose!

They will be so fun when they get their eyes open!
They are 7 days old today so it won't be long now!

Here are some pictures that I took for some friends.
Danny built this pond this fall and I LOVE this farm and had to get some pictures of it.

That was a lot of playing around with Picasa!
It was a cloudy dreary day so I had to spice them up a bit.

Here is our pond between snows.
If you enlarge it you can see what looks like a mans footprints all the way across the pond.
I think it must have been Bigfoot!

More playing around with Picnic this time.

Danny built me this platform feeder so that I could lure the woodpeckers, blue jays and cardinals in.

Ahh ha it worked!
I have had a woodpecker around everyday since he built this about 8 days ago.
I really miss my bird watching each day because of that stupid old job!!
If only I had been born rich instead of beautiful!

Updated~ I forgot to metion that there is one thing that I like about winter and snow.....


Lilac Cottage Homestead said...

Hey there, I just stopped by to see how you have been. I see you are doing fine.
Those puppys are so cute. Makes me want to hold and snuggle them. Very adorable.


Chanda said...

Love the puppies. I miss having puppies so much. My breeder female came up missing. She never returned form her hunt. I suspect she got lost and then probably stolen. I miss her so much.

You are quite nifty with a camera.

Brenda said...

You've been having fun playing with your photographs! I love the photos of the farm.

The puppies are adorable. I can almost hear them making their puppy noises.

The tracks across the pond are strange. Is it frozen solid enough to walk across?

Just remember that every day of winter that you get through brings you one day closer to the beauty of springtime! :D

LynnS said...

You lucky girl....you get puppy breath!! Puppy breath is one of my top ten wonderful things in the world!!

Loved looking at your Picassa try-outs there. You say you haven't figured out your camera yet, well I haven't gotten my new one figured out either. Somehow it will take videos but I've not bothered to even try yet. Dumb, isn't it?? I need to re-read the manual!