Friday, July 3, 2009

Like father like son!

Mr Tango

Check out that nose that only a mother could love!

He's gonna be a great "Stud" like his father one day!!
If he survives my being his mother that is. Violet doesn't love him and gave him up to me! Yeah, all I needed is another bottle feeder. I swore I would never do that after the bottle raised calf last year. Here I go again cause this little fella has stolen all our hearts. We fed him today and then he got a nice warm bath and a nap in Morgan's arms!!! Spoiled already!!
I have separated him from his mom and I am milking her colostrum right now and he has learned to chow down on it in a bottle. Of course he gets this 4 times a day. Whew!! I am so looking forward to her real milk coming in. She has such a nice udder and I feel she will be a really good milker. Oh Happy Days!!
Better go for now and help my ya remember my deck that I have been promised??? Well it has gotten underway today!! :0)


Anne Marie said...


thanks for stopping by today!
Happy Independence Day to you too!!

Leslie said...

He's sooo cute! Can't wait to play with him tomorrow! I know why Violet doesn't like him, because he doesn't look one bit like her!! He is defiantly Durango's baby!!!!

Philigry said...

he is so sweet!