Monday, May 13, 2013

A Handmade Prom Gown, My beautiful grandaughter and her cute date!

 Yes, folks, I am THAT old...old enough to have a granddaughter who attended her senior prom 2 weeks ago.
 Her and her Mom went dress shopping and she picked out a dress EXACTLY like this one for $478
That was NOT happening, so we went to our favorite fabric shop in town, Schoolhouse Fabrics in Floyd, Va, and picked out fabric and began the construction. She couldn't have been happier with her dress!!

 I was able to have a very nice little photo shoot with these sharp kids in my studio!!
 Then we went across the county and grabbed a few pics of her best friend who is dating his brother. See any resemblance?
 We decided that this looks like a movie cover of a couple pistol packing detectives!!
Knowing these two like I do, there could very well be a pistol strapped around that thigh!

 My little tough girl cleans up pretty good doesn't she?
 Her little sister, Lillie, had to get in the pics, too.

 Morgan and Robin, of course prom is more for the Moms and Grandmothers!

and here's "The Kiss"
What ya think?

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