Monday, May 13, 2013

Out and About in Asheville, North Carolina

  • On Wednesday, Robin and I went on a little road trip to Asheville, North Carolina to visit a friend of hers who just had a brand new baby girl.
As we were traveling thru the Tennessee Mountains we were just in awe of the beauty before us.
 Good thing I had my camera.
This was taken at a rest area, nice place to stop and take a deep breathe, huh?

 At one of the beautiful scenic overlooks.
 The one above was at a very steep overlook that I endured but I have to say I did NOT attempt the upper steps due to lung capacity and the high elevation...yes, I am a wimp!!

 It was a nasty dreary cloudy day but I sure love me some clouds and I don't mind capturing them thru a car windshield either.
 The mountains just rolled on and on!

 and on....

It was such a lovely trip....really good to get away from home for the day.....great to spend some quality time with the girls and take in some awesome scenery at the same time! I am ready for another day trip!!
Lot's been happening around the farm and I am ready to blog about it all again so grab a cup of coffee and stay tuned!
I have missed you guys!

This is my favorite of the day!

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