Thursday, August 14, 2008

"If it ain't completely broke, don't fix it"

That's my dearest husbands motto.
However there usually comes a time that I finally end up getting my way ;o)
After 7 years of begging for a new toilet and hearing the chant over and over, I am finally yet again getting my way. I know you think he got his way with this cause it was on his time but no my little ladies don't even think along those lines. If he did totally get his way the lid to this toilet would be duck taped down to avoid use and we would resort to using the other one forever!!
Yes it finally died. I mean a complete and very slow progressing, I might add, death. It's cousin in the other room has the same illness and yes ladies I have begged to no avail for it to get some relief for it's misery too. Now I have been married to this dude for a long time and I know where my boundaries are!! I know when my girls read this they will be ROFL ing!! Because they know me and if I truly felt the need to replace the toilets I would have already went and purchased a new one and just set it in the middle of the bathroom til he got it in!! LOL
Now girls, I would have already done this but I needed to spend my money at the antique and thrift stores.Sorry honey but I did not see any new American Standard toilets any where that I have been lately! hehehe
Last night I was doing some research on new toilets. I know it doesn't take much to entertain me!! I picked out the perfect throne at Home Depot and was telling dearest about it features and mentioned the fact that I would have to buy the toilet seat seperately......
dh: "Just use the old one."
me: "OMG! What do you mean? It is broke too."
dh: "Well if you didn't use the throne as a recliner it may not break the seat!"
me: "Well if you would buy me a recliner I wouldn't have to sit on the throne to read my Romantic Home magazines!!"
dh: chuckle chuckle
So my friends it's off to the Home Depot for a beautiful new toilet that actually works!
Well at least I will be off to do that tomorrow cause I am cleaning really hard this morning and getting ready to start the dreaded redo of my foyer. Dreaded it is cause every piece of furniture in there has to be painted along with the walls. New curtains to be made. New wall decor and EVERYTHING from top to bottom. Whew I think I need a break already. I sure do need a recliner!! Does Rachael Ashwell make a shabby chic recliner?
You gals have a great day!!


Farm Chick Paula said...

Becky you are so funny!!
You should have done what I did... the handle on ours was getting hard to push, and I kept telling Hubby about it, but it was put on the back burner... one day it broke inside the tank, so I just left it until Hubby got home, and I had not done #1 but the other... it was awful for him I'm sure, but it got fixed and quick! LOL

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Sounds like too much work! I bet Rachel Ashwell has a shabby chic recliner with your name on it! I don't have to be away with my sis for you to stop by and enjoy my farm table. How far is VA from CA, anyway? Sorry for turning you on to the silverware obsession, but aren't you secretly thanking me?! Think of it this way, with each bite your family takes with your new utensils, you can smile without any guilt!