Saturday, August 16, 2008

Second post of the day, but it's a sad one :(

Well you see I love mozarella cheese! Or any kinda cheese that is! You will not believe me but I will tell you any way.....I made it myself!!
Yep!! I sure did!! After about 3 attempts at cheesemaking at home I finally figured it out!!
Look at that curd setting!!
Oh My I really could get a good stretch out of this batch too!!
Just look at that cheese!! My grandpunks Colton and Emma were here and they said it was "The best cheese they ever had." Well there ya go, straight from the bruttaly honest mouths of babes!! So I guess in this family I get the "Cheesemaker of the year" award ;o)
They were right it is yummy. Perfectly wonderful.
Now the sad sad sad sad sad part........... you see this cheese comes from my fresh goats milk and my dear Saphira is drying up...sob sob sob....crying here let me tell ya.........Her production suddenly dropped off to about a pint a day and then yesterday down to about a cup total so I didn't even milk her this morning as to go ahead reluctantly and let her finish it off. It is really hard for me to do because we have bonded so much. I loooooove the milk too. And I just learned how to make cheese too. I will probably forget how to do it come spring time when I have Saphira and Violet freshened and I have milk yet again coming out of my ears!!
Honey I guess I will get to the beach this fall afterall!! He said we couldn't go anywhere cause I had a goat to milk. I'll tell ya a little secret but don't tell him ......... I would rather forgo the beach to be able to have all that good fresh milk again!!
I do have enough milk in the fridge to make a batch of fresh mozarella tomorrow morning to take to our family reunion tomorrow and see if I can WOW some of my folks!! I am sure that my Italian cousins will like it ;)


Farm Chick Paula said...

OMG.. I misread the post and thought you meant Saphira was DYING.... Ugh, I am so dumb sometimes...
Well anyway, I'm sorry about her DRYING UP but I'm glad she's okay!! LOL

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Oh Paula you are so funny!! Not dumb though!!

I do really miss her milk!!


Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

I love cheese and have never had home made cheese! The closest we've come to home made anything is ice cream! Of course, the kids made butter at school by shaking a jar. Once I accidentally made butter when I over whipped some whipping cream. My guests were waiting for their cream topping atop cake, but due to my blunder my husband made a second trip to the market for more whipping cream! What a great hostess I am!