Saturday, August 16, 2008

My new bad habit!

Ok Girls. Here it is! My new bad habit is getting the best of me and it is time to come clean. Is there a program to dry up the habit of collecting silverware? If so I need it. I need help badly! But I mean just look at that beautiful pattern! This is a place setting from my 67 piece service for 12 of W.M. Rogers Silverplated flatware in the Leilani pattern from the 40's.
OMG!! It even came with a terrific chest!! I am so spoiled! It didn't even smell vintage!! It had no smell at all!!
This my little girlfriends is another service for 8 that is silverplated from W.M. Rogers also and the pattern is "Desire". Here you see it all polished up and glistening. Now you want to guess how long it will stay that way?
It has a beutiful little rose on each piece!
And last but not least, a brand new service for 12 of Colin Rowie stainless flatware. Whew! No polishing needed!! You can click on the above pics for a close-up and then you will understand why I am hooked!!
All this new flatware came from ebay at a terrific price. I tell ya, a woman would be crazy to pay a really big price for something that is going to give her so much work to do. I never thought I would utter the words "I have been polishing my silver." hehehe

Now I have to tell you that the person who got me "Hooked" or "Addicted" to this new habit is Cindy over at ......yep it's all her fault.......I told her about it too!! If only I had a farmhouse table like hers with the drawers to store all this new flatware it would be better!!! You go Cindy!! I love ya!!

Check out that Waverly Leaf Platter (TJ Maxx) with the mozarrella cheese and homegrown German Pinks Heirloom tomatoes. Are you hungry yet? Well then come on over there's a plenty!! I might even find a clean fork to eat it with!!
Oh Happy days!!

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Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

No way! I can't believe I missed commenting on this post! Okay, you can blame me for your horrible habit of collecting silverware if you want to. Seems you had a predisposition for collecting all your pretties anyway! Love it all and if I could share my farm table drawers for storage of your gorgeous sets, I surely would! By the way, I am listing a silverware caddy soon that has your name on it with PINK paint and handcrafted roses!